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My name is Bertie Loubser. I'm an Independent Travel Counsellor based in the Northern Suburbs. I am married, and am the proud father of two beautiful boys!

During my 31 years in the travel industry, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to most parts of the world, from New York to Timbuktu. I've experienced many types of holidays; First class air travel, 5 star cruising, backpacking in Greece and Turkey, firsthand experience of Contiki and Trafalgar Tours. Snow-Skiing in Europe and North America, travelled on the Blue Train and I also experienced a working holiday – from farm to construction work in England to packing fish in Scotland. One of the highlights of my travel adventures was taking a break, for a year, to travel overland from Cape Town to London in an old Diesel Landrover visiting 25 countries covering 35,000km.

Our award winning reservation system gives me the edge when it comes to sourcing deals best suited to your requirements - from a domestic airticket to a round-the-world-once-in-a-life-time dream holiday. Unlike most “shopping-mall-agents” I’m a Visa Expert, and will be able to assist you with all the aspects of this less pleasant part of your travel arrangements.

People often ask why they should make use of my services if everything can be booked on the internet. The answer is simple. The internet is a machine and you're just a number. The internet isn't a judge of character. It won't take your age, culture or personality into consideration, it won't tell you that it's now a rainy season in Thailand or that there's hardly any water coming down Victoria Falls in October. It won't tell you that you need a visa for the UK or Yellow Fever certificate when travelling to the Masai Mara! You cannot call the internet in the middle of the night when you are being told your flight is overbooked! The internet won’t call you back, after you return home, to welcome you home in order to listen as to how your trip was.

Thanks to Travel Counsellors global buying power, I can more than often match, and even better internet offers. I’m available 24/7 and can meet you at a place convenient to you. I'm in the business of offering exceptional personal service and finding the best options for you at the best possible prices.

I am looking forward to assist with your travel plans and cannot wait to hear from you.



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