Travel abroad or local with your favourite Travel Counsellor

Thea Coetsee on 15 October 2020
It's cheaper and much less stressful to book with your favourite Travel Counsellor. Below I am sharing a true story that happened to one of my customers:

"Dear Thea,

I'd like to share my experience, well actually my nightmare and the huge amount of “school fees” my husband and I had to own up during our last trip.

We have travelled so many times and always made use of your great service as a travel agent. At the beginning of 2020, we thought it was wise not to use a travel agent, because the trip was well planned by our friends and family.

We all decided to travel with our own airline of choice and we discussed the whole itinerary at every get-together! All excited, we paid the hotels and all the travel tickets. We even took out insurance just in case something went wrong.

Well, BAM! COVID-19 just happened!

What a horrible nightmare. Yes, the virus is real. We are thankful for our health. What do we do with the airline tickets and all the other bookings that we had paid for?

Let me tell you, it's very easy to book online and to pay. But getting a refund is a whole different story. Some airlines struggle to understand English. Most airlines refused to talk to us and referred us back to our travel agents, in which case, none of us had. It has been a year of many phone calls to Italy, phone calls to the Spanish and German Airlines and NO refunds. Yes, we received travel credits and vouchers, but no cash. Due to Covid-19, an ongoing virus mutating in different forms, we don’t know when we will ever travel again.

I wish we had just known, how very important a travel agent really was, but all in vain... we made a huge mistake by trying to plan a holiday on our own. A BIG MISTAKE!

Please, forgive us for bothering you every day with countless questions on a trip we didn’t involve you in. It will never happen again, I promise. Thank you for not losing your sanity over the festive season.

I know, if and when we travel again, the first thing I will do is to call you, my Travel Counsellor.

Thank you sincerely for assisting us!