My passport is nearly six months away from its renewal deadline, should I renew it?

Some governments are taking longer than usual to process applications, and some destinations across the globe require at least six month’s validity on your passport while many EU countries have reduced the minimum validity to three months, so it’s worth submitting your passport for renewal sooner rather than later. 

Please check the latest travel advice for the country you’re travelling to, and in particular the government guidance. Your Travel Counsellor will always help you to ensure you have the correct documentation for travel. 

Should your plans change for any reason, you can always rely on your Travel Counsellor to provide personal travel advice – whether that’s to amend a booking or ensure you return home quickly and safely when needed. 

For any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact your Travel Counsellor. 

Travel Counsellors will not be liable for any losses suffered if customers decide to travel against government advice, and you are advised to check your travel insurance policy to ensure you have adequate cover.