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Ever thought of trying Surstromming in Sweden or Shiokara from Japan? What about Marmite? Well did you know that it’s made from yeast extract, a by-product of brewing beer, Marmite (or Vegemite as it’s known as in Australia) is essentially the slurry from the bottom of the barrel that most breweries just throw away. It’s a sticky brown paste with a concentrated, salty flavour that’s usually spread on toast or eaten with cheese.

Now that I have your attention my name is Jessica Cameron. I live in Bloemfontein and I’ve had the privilege of working in the travel industry since 21 April 2001 for a large retail agency. My career had started and 5 months later September 9/11 happened which changed the world of travel as we know it and just after that the Tsunami and ash clouds to name a few. It comes in handy if you have someone to call…someone that can assist you or just give you that reassurance that all will be ok.

That’s where I come in. Travel Counsellors has access to ground breaking technology which allows me to quickly and easily search and compare different travel options for specific dates in a matter of minutes, enabling me to always provide you with the most cost effective travel advice. With us it is personal. We take into consideration your budget, your likes - dislikes and what’s on your bucket list. It always feels good when you can cross something off your bucket list.

I myself have travelled to places like Vietnam, Egypt, Phuket, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius (5 times already) Dubai, Israel (visited and worked on a kibbutz), Zanzibar, Reunion and Ireland. I love to sample the gastronomic flavours of the world.

I can help you with planning that all important honeymoon, family holiday or that trip to go visit your loved one locally or abroad. Travel Counsellors does it all and I will gladly assist you from finding the right flight, to booking that appointment for your visa, to being covered with insurance from beginning to end.

So don’t delay contact me today.

Jessica Cameron


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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My customer stories

Sent by Jacobus Smit

Many thanks for the assistance - truely appreciate it.

Sent by Louise Coetzee

Very friendly, helpful and efficient service. Thanks Jessica.

Sent by Clyde Martin

Jessica is a star and a real asset to your company. be proud of her. staff performer of the year award?????

Sent by Adri Van Niekerk

Jessica is the best!

Sent by Ernich Hunter

I have worked with a lot of travel agencies in my life, never had I came across an agent like Jessica Cameron. From the first day I contacted her, she didn’t wait at all, she immediately helped me even after hours...I never had to follow up with anything, she was always on point with everything. Traveling overseas is sometimes very stressful, but with Jessica as your consultant, everything is smooth like a Jet!! I will recommend Jessica to all my colleagues, friends and family members!! Keep up the good work!! Thanks for everything, kind regards Ernich Hurter

Sent by Johan Van Der Walt

I have been at home for a week but have not yet touched ground. The trip was a big success. Thank you very much for your kind, efficient and professional help. Johan

Sent by Neville Furmidge

Excellent friendly service

Sent by James Rusch

My request to Mrs Jessica Cameron was to book a local return flight East London - Cape Town. My travelling experience was awesome and I have no hesitation in recommending Jessica for her most professional and friendly service.

Sent by Floris Kotze

Jessica is fantastic! She really goes the extra mile.

Sent by Elizabeth Van Eck

Jessica is one of the few people who will go more than the extra mile to help her clients. This is the reason why I keep going back to her. She always sorts out the most difficult situations that I have presented to her. And she does it thoroughly.

Sent by Kylie Lowe

Jessica is a very compassionate and a hard working consultant. She goes above and beyond for her clients and would never consider using any other agent in South Africa. Jessica always has her clients best interests at heart. I always recommend her to all my friends and family. Jessica is an asset to her company and I can't imagine anyone being able to help me as well as she has in our current situation. A death in the family is something that no one wants to experience. But Jessica has made last minute travel arrangements stress free and refunds for future travel a very simple road to navigate. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Sent by Jo Fernandez

I've worked with Jessica over the years and would continue to do so. I've always had good experiences with her in my travel arrangements.

Sent by Olivia Kunguma

Jessica is patient, attentive and she gives the best advice which puts you at ease, whatever the situation.

Sent by Alma Fletcher

Jessica Cameron is now more than our preferred travel agent...she is a friend... she helps with a smile and she is always there. She is an asset to every one that needs to travel anywhere.

Sent by Bente Ronberg

Great help and service even though we are far away from each other.

Sent by Chaneri Cilliers

Thanks very much Jessica for the wonderful service. Yo uare always helpful and accommodating. Will definitely recommend you any day!

Sent by Dorothea Devilliers

Jessica is the best, she has been assisting us with our travel arrangements for many years. She arranges everything for us: flights, accommodation, transfers, train tickets, even a birthday cake on a flight to Dubai.

Sent by Nicole Dienar

So professional, friendly and helpful.

Sent by Carolina Botes

Jessica is the perfect picture of the 100% efficient Travel Counsellor! What a pleasure having her aboard to handle my trips!

Sent by Eldoi Jansen

I found your service to be of the utmost help, especially on such short notice with quality communication!

Sent by Marthinus Prinsloo

The service that I experienced was excellent. I really haven't experienced such service before from a travel agent. I asked a question and I got a reply even when Jessica was not in the office. Keep up the good work.

Sent by Liezel Grobler

Jessica is very helpful and nothing is too much effort for her. It's really is a pleasure to do bookings with her! Thanks Jessica!!!

Sent by Carolina Botes

Most friendly, helpful attitude from Jessica, giving me confidence and trust for tackling my upcoming trip to Canada!

Sent by Willem Boshoff

Excellent service!

Sent by Luzelle Naude

Thank you for excellent service!

Sent by Sophia Van Der Watt

It has just been a pleasure to receive such a professional yet personal service. Thank you!

Sent by Vanessa Crawford

It is always a pleasure working with Jessica, I always use her to book my flights. I will most definitley recommend her to my friends. She is very professional.

Sent by Bernadette Van Der Berg

Jessica is awesome, her attention to detail always makes our travels very special!

Sent by Olga Desmidt

Jessica is the best. I never travel without her counsel. I consider her an invaluable asset to Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Petro Vandermerwe

Excellent service as always!

Sent by Arnoldus Vlok

She really goes the extra mile for her clients! Thank you for always being willing to assist.

Sent by Maria Rossouw

Jessica is an amazing women and in my entire life, I haven't met anyone like her! She's always helpful, friendly, and calm and goes the extra mile to make you (the customer) happy and see that you get the best!! She deserves the best!

Sent by Edith Weitz

Jessica understands my needs. She is professional and really knows how to deal with clients. The one thing that I most appreciate from Jessica, is that she is as excited about my trip as I am - she will do anything to ensure that she can reply on all my questions. I booked a trip with Jessica before and was amazed by the service and the excellence - everything went 100% as planned and booked!

Sent by Mari Van Wyk

I would definitely recommend Jessica, the service was superb. She's always at the ready with advice and tips to make arrangements and the actual travel part was easier and even more enjoyable

Sent by Charles Simkin

Excellent service!

Sent by Clinton Canham

Jessica was very efficient and helpful in assisting us with our travel arrangements.

Sent by Markes Butler

I was humbled for the distance she went in getting us a good deal that was affordable for me and my family

Sent by George Dennill

Jessica arranged everything and it all unfolded just as it had been planned - from our seating with extra leg room, to the departure and arrival times, to the taxi transfer to our hotel! Jessica selected our hotel and on that she also hit the jackpot - we were almost in tears to leave the place. After a blissful week of gourmandising and shopping in Dahab, snorkelling in the Red Sea, and ascending Mount Sinai, we returned refreshed and utterly delighted that our holiday had been so well planned.

Sent by Emma Sekhoto

I am a first time user of a travel agent, Jessica came highly recommended and she never disappointed from day 1. Efficient, supportive, knowledgeable.

Sent by Hendrik Grabe

Jessica is the greatest!

Sent by Shawn Phillips

Received excellent service from Jessica as always.

Sent by Charlotte Boucher

Excellent service from Jessica Cameron, I will recommend her anytime and will always make use of her services for all future travels. Great woman.

Sent by Andries Olivier

Jessica was professional and very client orientated. I will certainly use her services again in the future and will also recommend her to colleagues and friends.

Sent by Ray Haakonsen

I've been a client of Jessica's for a while. In seeking travel options for our trip to Canada it seemed right to consider Jessica as one of my options, despite the fact I felt I could get the fare cheaper elsewhere. I was surprised to find the fare was better and the travel option much more agreeable with our needs. Jessica's service, I knew would not be in question and once again it proved so. I am very happy to have consulted Jessica for this travel, will do so again and would definitely recommend her to others. Thanks Jessica for a fine job.

Sent by Petronella Van der Merwe

She is the best!

Sent by Janetta Gouws

Jessica Cameron - the most helpful, willing Travel Counsellor ever! Always walk that extra mile!

Sent by Marcus Gerieke

Well done on making our urgent booking at the speed of light!

Sent by Robert Bragg

Great service!

Sent by Louwna Pelser

Thanks for going the extra mile with our visa application.

Sent by Frank Koorts

Jessica is professional, friendly and she always looks like a person who enjoys her profession. She is always willing to help!

Sent by Dalene Eksteen

Great Service!

Sent by Petonella Goosen

Why have I dealt with her for the last 13 years? Jessica has proved to be reliable, friendly, knowledgeable and available when it has suited my schedule. Has assisted me in very difficult, stressful situations with regards to travel arrangements. I wish her prosperity in her new venture.

Sent by Anna Van Der Merwe

What a pleasure to work with Jessica! She absolutely went the extra mile and took away all the concern we had in planning our holiday! Will definitely recommend Jess to our friends and family as our Travel Counsellor.........we already did!

Sent by Susanna Van Der Walt

Jessica has made this whole process easy and effortless!! We really admire her passion and willingness to help and especially her patience.

Sent by Robert Elfick

I have already suggested Jessica's support to a number of other people

Sent by Patricia Haines

I have found Jessica extremely efficient and helpful.