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Whether it's an exotic retreat to distant golden sands or your ultimate adventure trip, simply share your vision of the perfect wedding and honeymoon with us, and we'll make it a reality. The result is anything but ordinar

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Start planning your dream wedding and a truly magical honeymoon with the help of our experts. With over 50 different destinations and hundreds of different types of wedding venues, the Travel Counsellor and Weddings team will make sure you find the perfect setting for your special day. Whether you want a white sandy beach in Mauritius or a gondola in Venice, perhaps even a winter setting in Austria - we can make your wedding dreams a reality.

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If there’s anyone who can tell you about the Travel Counsellors experience it’s our customers. Let them share their incredible travel stories with you and find out why they voted us best travel company for customer service.

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An easy, stress-free way to manage your dream wedding and honeymoon - courtesy of your personal travel counsellor.

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Travel Counsellors help thousands of people create personal travel experiences they’ll never forget. Start your journey today.
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