What you need to know before fly and what to expect on arrival at the airport

21 July 2020

Under Advanced Level 3 of Lockdown your travel experience will be different to what you might be accustomed to.  Travel Counsellors would like to make your travel experience as seamless as possible.

Click Here to access our Guide - What you need to know before you fly document

What you need to know before you fly

• Who is permitted to fly?

• What you need before you may enter the airport terminal?

• What permits are needed

• Tips to ensure that your trip is seamless

Arrive Early - Allow at least 2-hours for check-in time and for mandatory screenings.

Adhere to your luggage limitations relating to the size and weight of your bag.

All check-in baggage must be wrapped prior to going to the Bag Drop area.

Ensure that you don’t have any dangerous goods in your possession i.e. scissors, nail clippers, flammable liquids.

All trolleys have been sanitized and are safe to use. It is recommended that travellers sanitise your hands regularly.

• What to expect on the day of travel?

Click Here 
to access our Guide - What you need to know before you fly document

Please speak to your Travel Counsellor for the latest travel information. These processes and guidelines (indicated in our document above) can change without notice.
Your Travel Counsellor will also be able to provide you with the necessary documentation that you need to complete prior to travelling and making a booking.

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