Rejuvenate Your Mind Body And Soul With Oceania Cruises

02 January 2018

Sail to exotic destinations around the world on the trip of a lifetime with Oceania Cruises. To enhance your cruise experience, Oceania has just introduced a new wellness programme which will allow you to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul as you enjoy pure luxury on your voyage.

Luxury cruises

Oceania will provide you with a luxury cruising experience. Board intimate vessels, which carry between 680 and 1,250 passengers, while enjoying attentive service and award-winning itineraries when journeying with Oceania. You will be treated to gourmet menus curated by acclaimed Master Chef Jacques Pépin, with everything from delicious Italian cuisine to bold Asian flavours served in restaurants with convenient open seating. Oceania sails to over 400 locations ranging from enchanting European cities like Lisbon to larger-than-life island havens such as Cuba.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub

A highlight of the Oceania experience is the Canyon Ranch SpaClub. Available on all Oceania vessels, the Canyon Ranch SpaClub is a relaxing wellness facility where you can enjoy a range of treatments that’ll make you feel like a whole new you! The soothing treatments on offer include tension-easing Thai massages, plus these facilities also boast open-air whirlpool spas where you can unwind and watch your cares float away. This SpaClub hosts various other facilities which are designed to help you embrace healthy living, from state-of-the-art gyms to saunas and heated ceramic loungers.

Mind, body and soul

Oceania Cruises has gone one step further in its efforts to provide rejuvenating sailing experiences, by introducing the ‘Mind Body & Soul’ programme on selected Mediterranean cruises. This gives you an array of revitalising wellness options to choose from including tailor-made menus, expert consultations and fitness activities. Gain access to more than two dozen complementary fitness and wellness classes. These range from core conditioning to fitness boot camps, where instructors will guide you through your exercise regime and offer advice that’ll help you embrace a healthier you.

Revitalising exercises

You can also participate in yoga activities with the Mind Body & Soul programme. This ancient practise has the potential to provide you with a range of physical and mental health benefits, from increasing your flexibility to raising your energy levels and enhancing your ability to focus. With Oceania Cruises, you’ll be able to enrol in three 45-minute yoga classes, catering to practitioners of all abilities. There’s ‘introduction to yoga’ where you’ll learn the basics, a standard ‘yoga’ session for the more experienced and ‘sunrise yoga’ where you’ll stretch on deck with spectacular morning views.

Enrich your body

Oceania has introduced one of the most extensive vegan menus at sea, as part of the Mind Body & Soul programme. You can now dine from a well-balanced, expertly-crafted vegan menu at the Grand Dining Room and Terrace Café on your Oceania ship. You can also find refreshing cold-pressed raw juices and energising vegan smoothies on your cruises. Just stop by the onboard Raw Juice & Smoothie Bar when you need a pick me up, order a delicious ‘açai berry bowl’ or vitamin-loaded ‘tropical green smoothie’ and enjoy your flavoursome treat while lounging on the deck.


Embrace your destination

You can sign up for a collection of ‘’wellness tours by Canyon Ranch’ with Oceania. Inspired by the popular SpaClub, these tours provide you with unique travel experiences in a selection of hand-picked destinations, while offering you ways to experience local culture and embrace healthy living. Explore the healing effects of aloe vera in Arrecife, tour Corfu’s vineyards and olive groves while learning how to cook healthy Greek dishes, practise Thai Chi on the pristine beaches of Palma de Majorca and indulge in Malaga’s soothing hammam baths, depending on which cruise you take.


Invigorate your mind, body and soul while sailing from Barcelona to Lisbon…

Give yourself a new lease on life, while receiving complementary O Life Choices benefits, on Oceania Cruises’ ‘Spanish Serenade’ trip from Barcelona to Lisbon. You will travel onboard the Marina, staying in an elegant room with a veranda, while dining in six open-seated elegant gourmet restaurants. Your O Life Choices complementary benefits will include unlimited internet, a beverage package, shipboard credit, six excursions and flights from London airports, while you can fly from regional UK airports at additional cost. Experience Oceania’s revolutionary ‘Mind Body & Soul’ programme onboard with fitness classes, extensive vegan menus and refreshing juice bars. You can also take two wellness tours; learn about the healing properties of Aloe Vera in Lanzarote and enjoy a tranquil yoga session by the sea while watching the glorious sunset in Tenerife!

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