Our Favourite South America Tours

22 January 2019

Challenge your Travel Counsellor to take you on the holiday of a lifetime in South America this year. Most travellers to this thrilling part of the world, especially first-timers, choose organised tours or adventure holidays – partly for the time they save you in terms of organisation, but also for the security and familiarity they provide when it comes to everything from financial cover to leap-frogging language barriers thanks to the services of expert local guides.

Booking your tour via your Travel Counsellor also ensures that you choose the very best tour for you – whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, as a family or in a group – from among what can often be a confusing array of options suited to different kinds of traveller.

Travel Counsellors can also tailor your tour or adventure holiday, adding on other excursions, hotel overnighters or even a short break in destinations at the beginning or end of your organised tour, thanks to our relationship with thousands of hand-picked suppliers and trusted travel providers all over the world.



Inca ruins including the iconic ‘lost city’ of Machu Picchu; Cusco and other Spanish colonial gems; one of the highest lakes in the world; Amazon rainforest; jungle hiking; Andes trekking; surfing on the beaches of the north… These are just some of the things you can pack into a week or two in this compelling destination.

Among our favourite trips in the region include Amazon riverboat adventures and Inca Empire discoveries, family special tours and a combined Peru and Galapagos adventure. Alternatively, Hurtigruten offers a tempting variety of South American cruises combining Peru with other destinations, including Andean Coast expeditions, the South American Pacific Coast (Peru and Chile) and Inca archaeological sites followed by a foray into the Costa Rican rainforest.

“My personal highlights included visiting a pisco distillery to see the manufacturing process of the traditional Peruvian drink; going out in a buggy over the dunes and then sand-boarding in the Huaccachina Oasis; our full-day boat tour of Lake Titicaca, where we went out and hiked on Taquile Island and then spent time with one of the small communities of the 17 Uros-Tintos Floating Islands; and Machu Picchu (yes, of course it was going to be a highlight!).  

Eating out was inexpensive and excellent quality. I could not bring myself to try the guinea pig on offer but did enjoy the alpaca, and my personal favourite were the empanadas […] Don’t worry about packing any jumpers, hats, gloves etc – there are great markets everywhere, with fantastic alpaca knitted items at low prices – you will want to pick up a few bits and pieces, so ensure you have space in your case!”

Jennifer, Travel Counsellor



One of the world’s most fascinating wildlife-spotting sites, this remote volcanic archipelago is blessed with a vast array of rare and endemic species of animals and plants – expect to see land iguanas, sea turtles, flamingos and much more besides.

One of our favourite ways to see this remarkable part of the globe is with Celebrity Cruises, whose all-inclusive trips embrace shore excursions, educational onboard talks and snorkelling equipment in addition to food and drink.  


For the first three days we felt like we were the only people living on Earth. Just vast ocean and islands with not another ship or human in sight […] We kayaked with sea turtles, snorkelled with sea lions (these are like big playful puppies, very inquisitive and friendly!), and snorkelled with sharks, penguins, turtles and even the odd water iguana. Halfway through the week we made our first stop on an island inhabited by humans (quite surreal to realise people can live here) to visit a research centre for giant tortoises […] Back on our ship, cocktail in hand, we saw something truly spectacular: manta rays jumping and flipping out of the water, several at a time.”

Sarah, Travel Counsellor



This is a country that oozes a lust for life, whether in its street parties, festivals and lively music scene, its bold and tasty food and drink, or its truly awesome natural wonders, which range from iconic beaches to the roaring Iguazu Falls and jungle-swathed mountains. Among our top trips that include time in the country are tours combining Brazil and Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and/or Peru.


Without doubt the Iguazu Falls were the highlight of our trip. We saw various indigenous animals such as toucans, coati and capuchin monkeys. You can do both sides in one very full day, but the recommendation is to get to the Argentinian side for the first little train in the park at 8am that takes you to Devil's Throat, the thunderous waterfall at the head of the Falls. From there you walk a number of boardwalks to various points along side the river to marvel at the views below and across to the Brazilian side of the Falls. Included in the cost of the ticket is a boat trip which goes right alongside the waterfalls […] We saw some beautiful butterflies at this point. After the boat trip there is a safari ride through the undergrowth to see some of the wildlife.”

Sandra, Travel Counsellor


Contact your Travel Counsellor for bespoke advice and to book your South America tour, benefiting from our unique financial protection and the services of our 24-hour duty office.

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