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09 April 2019

Challenge your Travel Counsellor today to book you a holiday that has a positive impact for EVERYONE involved and for the world around us. At Travel Counsellors our ethos is one of caring for our people, our customers and our communities – both those we live in (via our staff ‘Make a Difference’ annual paid leave for charity fundraising and activities, and our charity partnership with Reuben’s Retreat) and those we send our customers to every day. Every Travel Counsellor can give you advice on the right steps to make a positive impact through your travel.

For us at Travel Counsellors, sustainable travel is also related to more authentic travel experiences – visiting unspoilt places and immersing oneself in local culture is our passion, and one that’s shared with our customers. For instance:



Responsible Tourism

Travel Counsellors work with specially selected local partners to create authentic and sustainable experiences, so you can book with us as part of your overall holiday and don’t have to wait until you get there.

One way to have a more responsible holiday is to buy locally so the money you spend on holiday stays in the local economy. Your Travel Counsellor can book you on excursions using local companies and guides, as well as recommending local treats to look out for in your destination, from locally made souvenirs to regional specialities in bars, cafés and restaurants.

We also urge you to let your Travel Counsellor know about the people and businesses you encounter who went the extra mile to look after the environment and support local communities, or conversely if anything you experienced gave you cause for concern.


“I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to do more for our planet from both a personal perspective and my business. Climate change is everyone's business and I feel very passionate about helping you ensure you’ve done everything to make your holiday sustainable. Tourism is a growing and complex business and we will all continue to travel.

Travel Counsellors are taking sustainability very seriously and I’m so pleased to have passed their newly developed Go Green Certificate. I’m also excited that they have partnered with The Travel Foundation. […] My goal is to continually keep up to date with best industry practice alongside making sure my business is run with sustainability in mind, and working from home certainly makes this easier.”

Clare, Travel Counsellor


Everyone who joins Travel Counsellors signs up to our commitment to learn about and consider responsible tourism in every holiday they create. We work with international charity The Travel Foundation to help leave a better world for future generations to enjoy and explore. The foundation works to ensure tourism benefits local people and the environment, designing and delivering sustainable initiatives in mainstream destinations as well as providing guidance, training and expertise to travel companies around the world.


To book your responsible holiday, contact your Travel Counsellor today, in doing so benefiting from our unique financial protection plan and our 24-hour duty office.

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