For an unparalleled mix of nature and culture, head to Indonesia

17 June 2019

Describing the culture of Indonesia is simply impossible. It’s thousands of islands each have their own identity, and whether you’re backpacking, it’s a bucket-list trip, or on your dream honeymoon, you’ll still only scratch the surface. Take your pick of UNESCO World Heritage sites, hundreds of temples, or endangered animals only found in Indonesia. Whatever your taste, there’s no shortage of awe-inspiring nature and intriguing culture.


Influenced by a multitude of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, not to mention the stunning natural surroundings, the Indonesian lifestyle is a wonder for its visitors. Head to Yogyakarta for an exciting blend of old traditions and modern living, much less industrialised than Jakarta but filled with creative influence. Check out colourful street art and vivid murals which act as a window to the people’s social and political values, or for a taste of local history, visit Taman Sari, a palace filled with bathing pools, dating back over 200 years. For a slower pace of Indonesian life in a scenic setting, Kalibaru is a small village in Java, tucked into the hillside and encircled by cocoa and coffee plantations.

“Lombok is roughly the same size as Bali but with a predominantly Muslim culture, forest that reaches down to the undisturbed white sand beaches and the famous Mt Rinjani, the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia. The whole experience is completely different to Bali, which is surprising considering it’s only a 1-hour speed boat ride away.

Kim, Travel Counsellor


Along with its people, the unique typography of Indonesia’s landscape welcomes remarkable biodiversity. Come-face-to-face with a dragon in Komodo – well, this is actually a lizard, but it takes the title as the world’s largest lizard at 3-metres in length. Meet orang-utans in their natural habitat in Borneo, where these red-haired apes swing through the Tanjung Puting National Park. And for the less faint-hearted, the onehorned Javan rhino, of which there are estimated just 60 left, can be seen in western Java, while the endangered Sumatran tiger hides amongst elephants, leopards and rhinos in Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra.

We Recommend

Jakarta – Kalimantan – Tanjung Putting National Park

Fly from Jakarta to Pangkalanbun (via Semarang) with Garuda Indonesia

•  Board a local klotok boat for a scenic journey along the Kumai River

•  Spot proboscis monkeys and macaques in Tanjung Puting National Park

•  Stay in Camp Leakey, which is home to the largest population of orang-utans

•  Visit the Harapan Village, one of the only settlements along the river, to meet with local Indonesian families

Did you know?

The Sumatran tiger inhabits the Indonesian island of Sumatra and only 441 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild

There are 504 statues of Buddha in Borobudur temple, which is the world’s largest Buddhist temple, in Indonesia

Indonesia is so expansive, its area covers 3 time zones


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