Five amazing experiences you can have in Africa

11 April 2018

Africa is a continent with an enormous amount of diversity. From the vastness of the Sahara Desert to the tropical treasure trove that is the Congo Basin rainforest, it has no shortage of amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery.

A land where adventure becomes a reality presents a world of exploration and excursions which await its visitors. Here are five amazing experiences that you can have in Africa.

1. Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

The Avenue of the Baobabs is one of Africa’s most iconic photography hotspots. Characterised by its towering baobab trees, the dirt track road is lined with these behemoths, creating a setting that’s both beautiful and unique.

Private tours are available to the avenue which links Morondava and Belo Tsiribihina and is the most accessible place to see baobab trees in Africa. Try and get there at sunset as the 150-foot trees cut an awe-inspiring silhouette against the orange and purple hues of the night’s sky.

2. Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt

Egypt might hold up the Cradle of Civilisation’s western flank and have classic attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx to its name, but offshore wonders in the Red Sea is one of the best things that the country has to offer.

A number of excursions from various Red Sea resorts are available year-round and they are well worth it. See a fascinating array of colourful marine life, explore abandoned shipwrecks and get up close and personal with vibrant coral reefs.

3. Gorilla Trekking, Rwanda & Uganda

‘The Big Five,’ is the name of a group well known in Africa, but these particular safaris don’t go on the hunt for lions, Cape buffalos, leopards, rhinos or African elephants.

On gorilla treks through countryside in Rwanda and Uganda, you will seek out majestic primates that inhabit these east African nations. Spot chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest and join experienced travellers while venturing deep into the wilderness to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. These amazing excursions are also an adventurous way to experience the colourful cultures and wild landscapes that Rwanda and Uganda have to offer.

4. Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe

As the world’s biggest waterfall, Victoria Falls straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Fed by the Zambezi River, it is one of southern Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Enjoy the amazing curtain of water and mist from various vantage points, while for the brave there’s Devil’s Pool. This is a natural infinity pool located on the lip of the falls which visitors can paddle in, providing an unforgettable experience in one of the world’s most incredible natural attractions.

Livingstone in Zambia, named after Scottish explore David Livingstone who is believed to have been the first European to see Victoria Falls, is a great place to base yourself for your stay.

5. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most renowned mountains and is also where you’ll find Africa’s highest point. Crowned with an everlasting snow-cap, this majestic peak can be found inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania. Within the park, elephant, leopard and buffalo live in the forest of the lower slopes and, as the altitude increases, the trees thin out to alpine meadows and glaciers.

Ascending to the three-cone summit is done on a guided tour on one of a range of routes up the mountain, finishing at Uhuru Peak where unparalleled views stretch across the Great Valley Rift.

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