Favourite ice cream flavours from around the world

10 July 2020

No matter the weather, ice-cream is always a delicious treat. To celebrate the tasty dairy treat, the third Sunday of July is World Ice Cream Day (20th in 2020), when everyone on the planet unites in their love for ice cream.

What we can’t seem to agree on, however, is the best flavour. Ask your family and friends and their answers are likely to be different each time. Ask the question in a different country though, and you get some really unexpected responses…

Japan- Matcha

Japan is a country with a rich ancient culture and a cuisine loved by millions of people the world over. It has given us sushi, teppanyaki, katsu curry and ramen, amongst countless other dishes. Even Japan’s ice cream offering is now beginning to catch up.

The green tea-flavoured ice cream has been popular across Asia for a long time, and demand is now growing across western countries for the green dessert, as a slightly bitter alternative to the usual sweet ice cream flavours.

Malaysia- Durian

Depending on who you ask, durian is either ‘the king of fruit’ or ‘stinky fruit’. It’s so pungent that it is often banned in public places, such as hotels and public transport, across south east Asia. However, in these same countries, it is highly prized by some, even going as far as to inspire architectural design.

Thanks to its unignorable profile, durian has, of course, been used to flavour ice cream with the resulting product being as divisive as the fruit itself. Try it for yourself and decide which side of the durian debate you fall.

“Without doubt my favourite destination in the world. Malaysia really does offer something for everyone, from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, the street food and art of Penang, tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands to the beachside bliss of the islands. Oh, and how could I forget the amazing wildlife of Borneo!”

Sarah, Travel Counsellor

Argentina- Dulce de Leche

Argentina’s most popular ice cream flavour is derived from the sweet treat dulce de leche. Dulce de leche is a caramel-like sauce that is popular across South America, often being drizzled on pancakes and waffles for breakfast. The sauce is also a very common flavouring in many cakes, pastries and (you guessed it) ice cream.

Dulce de leche is made by heating and caramelizing sweetened milk until it gets a thick consistency and a golden-brown colour. The origins of the sauce are hotly debated amongst South American countries, but it is Argentina that makes the strongest claim to its inception and now celebrates dulce de leche every year on October 11th, the day that the maid of General Juan Manuel de Rosas accidentally created dulce de leche, way back in 1829 (or so the story goes).

Mexico- Neapolitan 

The ice cream flavour for people who can’t choose just one. Despite having its origins in Naples, it is across the Atlantic in Mexico where the tri-flavour ice cream has found its home to become Mexico’s most popular flavour. There can’t be many better places to enjoy a scoop of Neapolitan than on a pristine Mexican beach, with the glorious sunshine beating down on you and uninterrupted views across the azure waters of the Pacific or Caribbean.

Philippines- Ube (purple yam)

The purple yams - which flavour ube ice cream - grow abundantly across the Asian tropics, and despite traditionally being a savoury product, purple yams are used to flavour hundreds of desert recipes across Asia and in particular, the Philippines.

Here, ube ice cream is often accompanied by evaporated milk, sweet beans, fruit slices, jelly, coconut slices and toasted rice to create halo halo (mix mix).

“I fell in love with the Philippines. The people are so friendly, and they really care about their country. I promise you too would have a travel experience like no other.” 

Charlotte, Travel Counsellor

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