10 ways to beat the heat in Cape Town

07 December 2021

February is one of the hottest months of the Cape Town summer – the pumping South Easter dies down a bit, the skies are clear, and the hot African sun heats up the city. Here are 10 ways you can stay cool on those long, hot summer days.

1. Go for a swim

Taking a dip in Cape Town’s notoriously cold sea is the perfect way to cool down. But you don’t have to go to the beach to splash around, the pools at the Sea Point Pavilion are a favourite among locals, as well as mountain pools like Crystal Pools near Somerset West.

2. Get some gelato

Who doesn’t like ice-cream in summer? With numerous ice cream parlours and eateries serving up delicious flavours, it’s the sweetest way to cool down from the inside out.

3. Ice-capades

There’s nothing quite as cool as ice skating, especially in summer, and the ice rink at Grand West Casino in Goodwood (a short 15-minute hop from the city centre) is where you can go for some icy family fun.

4. Visit a wine farm

When it gets too hot for a day at the beach, head out into the winelands and visit one of Cape Town’s many world famous wine farms where you can taste some of the cultivars in air-conditioned cellars or grab a bite to eat in the shade.

5. Grab a beer

On a hot-hot summer’s day, few things can quench a thirst better than a fine, frosty beer (if you’re over 18, of course). The craft beer scene in Cape Town has exploded over the last couple of years giving you a legion of great tasting local brews to try.

6. Take a sunset stroll

During summer even the evenings can be quite hot, which is why many locals head down to the Sea Point promenade come sunset. The cool breeze coming off the sea makes a stroll along the ‘prom’ the perfect way to cool down and take in a gorgeous Cape Town sunset.

7. Hit the museums

Cape Town has a wealth of museums just waiting to be explored – everything from natural to cultural history and even sport. The air conditioned halls make for a cool spot to take a break from the heat.

8. Ride a wave

While surfers will tell you summer isn’t the best time for surfing, Cape Town’s location actually makes it a great surf city all year round. Even if you’re a complete noob, there are loads of surf schools who can teach to how to feel the stoke.


9. Hop on a yacht

If splashing around in the waves isn’t really your thing, take a leisurely yacht cruise along the Atlantic Seaboard. Not only will you feel the cool sea air in your face, you’ll also get an amazing view of the Mother City.

10. Dress the part and drink up

Wearing appropriate clothes for the heat and drinking lots of water is very important. Loose and comfortable clothing made from breathable fabric is best, as well as hats, sunglasses and scarves to protect yourself from the sun. Of course if you don’t feel like dressing at all, head out to Sandy Bay where all you have to wear is your birthday suit. Wherever you go, remember your sunscreen and bottle of water!

If you would like more Cape Town inspiration - take a look at our video below.

Content source: www.capetown.travel
Photo Credit: Cape Town Tourism

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