10 ways you’ll lose your heart to Gran Canaria

26 July 2016

1) The thermometer won’t give you a fright on Gran Canaria. There are no extreme variations of hot and cold on this island. You won’t be scorched by summer or bitten by winter on Gran Canaria. Thanks to a fortunate location and generous trade winds, you’ll experience temperatures with an annual average of 24 degrees. This friendly climate makes Gran Canaria a perfect choice for families, couples and groups alike. Gently warming you up without being too hot the seasons blend into one balmy temperature on Gran Canaria.  


Gran canaria


2) Gran Canaria boasts stunning natural beauty. Time seems to stand still on Gran Canaria. Welcome to an island which preserves its looks with around half its surface protected from development. Journey into the interior of Gran Canaria to discover its amazing volcanic origins. And enjoy it responsibly, so future generations will be able to continue to admire its beauty. 




3) Life’s a beach on Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria accommodates 60 kilometres of beaches along its 236 kilometres of coastline. The coastal areas have long been a playground for locals. And they’re proud to share their treasure island with you. Step inside your holiday dreams to find carpets of golden sand under your feet on the southern beaches. Or hit the north to find more secluded, sometimes stony spots to sun yourself and swim. A day out at the beach is a luxury for most Europeans, but for Gran Canaria natives it’s one of everyday life’s simple pleasures.




4) Gran Canaria is a fitness fanatic’s dream. Because Gran Canaria boasts favourable all-year-round weather, you can play sports outdoors all year round. Hikers will love following in the footsteps of walkers who have boldly gone before them, on a network of trails which criss-crosses the island. Cyclists will be tested by the steep climbs but rewarded with jaw-to-the-floor views of Gran Canaria and beyond. Meanwhile, the Atlantic’s fantastic for those who want to surf its mega waves, discover the amazing marine life under the sea with a dive, or even fish for their supper.




5) Destinations don’t get much more family friendly than Gran Canaria. Say ‘hola’ to an island that’s a place for the whole family to enjoy, for Gran Canaria’s ideally enjoyed in the company of loved ones. So, if you’re coupled up or travelling with kids in tow, you’ll find the island has plenty of attractions, from water parks to zoos, to keep even the littlest ones entertained during your stay.



6) Gran Canaria gives a history lesson that’s fun for all. Gran Canaria’s pre-Hispanic heart continues to beat six centuries after the Spanish Conquest. Explore the aboriginal past which is cast in stone in archaeological parks and museums which also highlight the island’s rich cultural blend. Christopher Columbus stopped off at Gran Canaria when sailing the ocean blue in 1492. On Columbus’ voyage of discovery, which would lead him to America, he left an indelible mark in his wake. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s carnival is the highlight of a calendar packed with fun fiestas.



7) Savour the flavour of Gran Canaria. There’s something in the air in Gran Canaria, and its aroma is infectious. From the almonds and their beautiful blossoms to the most northerly coffee plantations in the world, the island’s certainly a grower. Country folk pick tropical fruit as well as vines planted on the fertile volcanic soil. Not forgetting the purest vodka in the world and rum produced at one of Europe’s oldest distilleries.



8) Take time out from 9-5. Gran Canaria’s the perfect destination to chill out and leave the troubles of your everyday life behind. The range of spa and wellness centres lets you put your body and mind in the hands of our top professionals. In the land where aloe vera sprouts up to help protect your skin, your health is very much our business.  



9) Go retro in metro Gran Canaria. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s a confident capital. Stroll through the cobbled streets in the historic neighbourhoods of Triana and Vegueta. Or chill, without catching a cold, at one of the world’s greatest urban beaches, Las Canteras.



10) Town and country Gran Canaria style. Each of the island’s 21 municipalities has its own identity. From the cave community of Artenara, the highest on the island, to Mógan and its Little Venice of a port, there’s a diversity of landscapes on Gran Canaria which you would struggle to find in islands double its size. Welcome to a paradise you can reach on a short-haul flight. 


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