Introducing our app: my TC

01 June 2021

Your Travel Counsellor in app form!

We know how important your Travel Counsellor is to you for all of your travel plans. And now you can even take yours on holiday with you – in a virtual sense anyway! my TC is a personal extension of your Travel Counsellor that will always be with you, wherever you are in the world.

How does the my TC app work?

my TC provides personalised information about all of your bookings, and gives you a countdown of the days until departure.

During your travels, my TC provides access to all of your travel documentation and itineraries, even when you’re offline. You can also contact your Travel Counsellor anytime, anywhere at the touch of a button. It couldn’t be easier!

Want to let your friends and family know about your holiday? With my TC you can share your journey with others on social media. And if you’d like to shout about the fantastic service you received from your Travel Counsellor, you can share their contact details with your friends and family too!

Watch the video to find out more about my TC!

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