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Fellow travellers, welcome to my website!

Travel is, was and will forever be a motivating force of my life!

After completing my law degree, I was in an existential predicament because I realised that my heart was not devoted to the scales of Madame Justitia. My wise father encouraged me to take a travelling sabbatical. I travelled through Africa with my brother, who was doing sub continental tours at that stage. With the sun rising over the Great Rift Valley, I realised that my heart irrevocably belongs to this mystical continent of ours. In that moment I understood the gentleness of the mothers of Africa, the laziness of time, the force of the Great Zambezi, the joy of a, “Jumbo” in friendly greeting, the humour of the locals over a Tusker, (the local beer of Tanzania), the devastation caused by famine and poverty, the beauty of a sunset and the shy smile of an umfaan.

The United Kingdom was next on my list. For three years I worked on and off in Stratford upon Avon and used the rest of the time to explore the history and diversity of the cultural life in Europe. Back in South Africa I married my best friend, one magical night under the bright stars of a Free State sky. Fortunately for me, he also loves the great beyond and shares my passion for travel. We have two children and we use every opportunity that we can to take them with us, whether it is to Clocolan, Cape Town or Lesotho!

I get my biggest kick out of sharing in the huge smiles of satisfied customers. The awards that I have accumulated through the years, have made me proud, but the best reward that I can receive is a client coming back from an awesome journey and having no words to describe the joys experienced.

I am now a proud Travel Counsellor. I am home-based, so I can manage my time between my family and my clients. I am available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist where ever I can.

My passion and love for travel is what encourages and drives me to give the best personalised service to my clients.

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence, but in the mastery of his passions.
–Alfred Lord Tennyson-

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