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Greetings and thank you for visiting my travel web page.

My name is Lynne and I would be delighted to be given the opportunity to show you the Wonders of the World!

I am an extremely proud member of the Travel Counsellors family and I am so fortunate to have the support in being able to offer my clients the best of the best: personal attention 24/7, expert advice with combined knowledge and expertise our network of more than 1,900 Travel Counsellors worldwide, financial protection and much more…

I have been in the Travel Industry spanning 4 decades and although over the past 15 years a large portion of my clientele has been inbound into Southern Africa, I do have experience in all aspects of travel anywhere in the world; both in leisure and corporate travel.

My passion is Southern Africa - exploring gorgeous private bush lodges from the Eastern Cape to Kruger and through Africa into Botswana, Kenya & Tanzania, to name a few safari destinations. Combining "bush & beach", selecting handpicked properties using only trusted reputable suppliers. I love tailor making itineraries to my clients’ specific needs – here, there and everywhere; the options are endless!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for your travel requirements, whether individual, groups, inbound or outbound, packages or bespoke - I am happy to be of service.
Please have a look at my Customer Stories tab (testimonials) for clarity on my service.


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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My customer stories

Sent by Fay Bryant

Lynne has always been most helpful and obliging in all my dealings with her

Sent by Mwila Mwenya

Lynne has never disappointed in the 10yrs or so I have interacted with her...even followed her from one firm to her current firm.....and would do so again!!!

Sent by Dain Hannaford

Lynne is an amazing individual to deal with. All the options, all the info and great costs.

Sent by Mitch Higgins

First class service

Sent by William Middleton

If you have any questions or need assistance on anything related to travel in South Africa your first step should be Lynne du Toit Travel Councellors.

Sent by Lynette Marais

Lynne du Toit has been so helpful, always going the extra mile. After care amazing. Making the bookings and visa application less stressful. Professional and courteous

Sent by John Lovering

Lynne has been a great agent for us for over a decade. We rely on her knowledge and recommendations in RSA. . Thoroughly recommend her.

Sent by Laurence Chiappini

Lynne has been exceptionally helpful with all of our bookings through the years

Sent by Louise Kaplan

Lynne is an experienced and knowledgable travel agent with great people skills

Sent by Shaikh Osman

Lynne has been absolutely wonderful in planning our honeymoon to South Africa. She's been patient with our suggestions and ideas while also recommending accommodations and activities that we did not think of. She's been very quick to respond to our enquiries and has always been available. I would highly recommend her to everyone! Would give a higher score if I could!

Sent by Robin Balme

Amazing, very helpful would definitely use again

Sent by Sandy Wardle

Lynne gets the brief right first time, provides fast and accurate responses and nothing is too much trouble. I highly recommend her.

Sent by Laurence Chiappini

Lynne always goes the extra mile with her clients

Sent by Alexandra Williams

Personal service Care Accessibility Professionalism

Sent by Sippy Apsey

Lynne du Toit is a great Travel Agent, where nothing is too much trouble, will always be using her services.

Sent by Beth Howieson

Always reliable, always efficient, always has good ideas and suggestions and always goes the extra mile. I don't like travelling without her!!!!

Sent by Richard Brasher

Always helpful always punctual and always available

Sent by Devlin Nightingale

Always feel like we are completely taken care of and have all travel stress minimized

Sent by Georgina Jaffee

Lyn goes the extra mile and works 24/7 - she is appreciated.

Sent by Michael Moss

Lynne has been our travel counsellor for over 4 years. Her assistance with booking complicated international flights and navigating pandemic travel restrictions has been invaluable. We simply wouldn't have been able to do it without her.

Sent by Natasha Atken

Fabulous and speedy service, highly recommend

Sent by Michael Allen

Awesome service

Sent by Beth Howieson

Lynne foes the extra mile. Her arrangements are reliable and I feel confident that she will always have my interests at heart.

Sent by Laurence Chiappini

We find Lynne incredibly efficient and helpful at all times and have recommended her to friends.

Sent by Lynette Marais

Thank you Lynne for your utmost attention to detail and service. Always in good hands working with you, never have to worry about travel mishaps.

Sent by Lauren Trouchet

Lynne was amazing through the whole process . From visas , to flight to documents needed . I really felt cared for . Thank you Lynne x

Sent by Francois Rozon

Always reliable and resourceful support

Sent by Michael Wilson

Lynne is the best in the business!

Sent by Naomi Mwenya

Always a pleasure having Lynn manage our travels. She is so professional and adds her own personal touch to make the experience memorable .

Sent by Rosemary Miller

Lynne is unfailingly helpful and super professional

Sent by Edna Dickinson

Lynne is very efficient and we love working with her. Makes us feel safe and cared for ;)

Sent by Shiehaam Triegaardt

Lynn was very professional in her dealings with me. I would definitely make use of her services again. Our holiday in Namibia was fabulous! Thank you Lynn.

Sent by Peter Moll

Lynne Du Toit has looked after our families travel arrangements for over 10 years and she has always given us excellent service and support with all our local and international travel requirements.

Sent by Heather Flack

I would like to really applaud Lynne for the amazing, efficient and wonderful service she has delivered to our company for the last years! We consider her to be a valued member of our extended team - we continue to support Travel Counselors due to the amazing relationship we have with Lynne - thank you for all you do!

Sent by Paul Meyer

Lynne is very professional and arranges all our travel to and from Cape Town

Sent by Heather Flack

Lynne is absolutely amazing, the value that she adds is phenomenal. We are so grateful!

Sent by Mitch Higgins

Overall experience was excellent

Sent by Laurence Chiappini

Lynne is always incredibly helpful and cares about her passengers

Sent by Suzanne Melling

Lynne, your attention to detail and calm reassuring manner in the face of a very complicated world of travel in which we currently live, makes me into a confident traveller. It seems that nothing is too much trouble for you in order to avoid any problems along the way. I have already recommended you to several people and have no hesitation in doing so.

Sent by Lisa Anderson-Morshead

Lynne, has made the impossible possible. She has graciously negotiated multiple difficult changes to flights and always sought to keep an eye on negotiating rates whilst doing so. She is patient, professional and very reliable. I have never been let down and I always feel safe that someone who is in the know has my back whilst travelling. I would not use anyone else!!!

Sent by Jenny Cragg

Wonderful support and service.

Sent by Peter Leube

She is Fantastic!

Sent by Richard Brasher

It was a pleasure to work with Lynne, all my travel arrangements were done accurately

Sent by Derek Fay

Wow! Another fault free, fantastic Trip to the Botswana Bush. I experienced 70 close encounters with the Lions in 10 days. Your recommended destinations are amazing. You and your extended Travel Counsellors Team are very, very good. Thank you so much for the time and passion you put into this incredible experience. So where are you taking us next?

Sent by Glenn Moss

Lynne has been my family’s travel agent of choice for years. She has always been amazingly helpful, reliable and accommodating of our rather complex configurations of family travel requirements. She has also always been so graceful over our great difficulty in making up our minds or sticking to plans! But the advent of an international pandemic has seriously challenged her. Cancelled flights, closing borders, ever-changing rules, restrictions, refunds, vouchers, repatriation flights, changing health protocols and requirements, last-minute changes and delays. She has kept a steady hand on the tiller throughout these storms, remaining calm, flexible, helpful – and charming. Her availability to deal with looming crises at all times of the day and night is remarkable. Thank you, Lynne.

Sent by Jenny Leatt

Lynne, you are an absolute star! After our wonderful holiday you got us out of New Zealand as borders were closing in response to the pandemic. Thank you for your watchful alertness, careful attention to detail, and cheerful 24/7 availability. We wouldn’t have made it without you. We heartily recommend you to anyone looking for a truly professional travel agent. Travel Counsellors are lucky to have you on their team. Jenny and Jim Leatt, Somerset West, South Africa

Sent by Kinga Baranowska

Fast and efficient. Thank you.

Sent by Tanya Brodie-Rudolph

As always, amazing service with attention to detail and reliability that you can count on - thank you Lynne

Sent by Jan-Friedrich Brand

Lynne, you are awesome! Thank you so much for all your help!

Sent by Musenge Mwenya-Mataka

Lynne Du Toit was able to arrange for very good accommodation at very short notice. She kept in touch to ensure we were okay. She was only ever a phone call away. With her amazing work ethic, I would definitely recommend her to my friends, family and colleagues. I also plan to work with her for my future travels. Thank you so much from my family and I.

Sent by Jos Kuper

Lynne is superb as a Travel Counsellor - she is insightful on one's needs, efficient and pleasant and never impatient with decision making and laying out options and is very knowledgeable for the trips I have done so far. I have already recommended her to others.

Sent by Trisha Murphy

Allow me to tell you what a pleasure it is to have been working with Lynne over the past few months. You are excellent at your job … not only in your SA acumen, but your recommendations, your efficiency and mastery with paperwork, response time, patience, etc … as a former incentive event planner I know quality when I see it and you are one of the best, keeping all the many balls in the air, yet making it all look easy. I’ve appreciated the caliber of your professionalism and communication. Thank you, Trisha PA to Thomas Wall

Sent by Yvonne Stacey

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip that you arranged. It was on my bucket list and it lived up to all our expectations. The suppliers that you booked were exceptional. We are keen bird watchers and they really went that extra mile to find and identify the birds. We were also very fortunate to witness two incredible crossings. The balloon trip was better than expected. We enjoyed brilliant weather and perfect flying conditions. The flying very low was very exciting. Once again thanks very very much for all you did to make it such a successful trip. I am also especially grateful to you for picking up that Peter had booked for us to fly to Johannesburg on the wrong day! Would have been a terrible last minute disaster that you averted.

Sent by Pieter Moll

We have had a long relationship with Lynne du Toit, who has always given us professional assistance 100% of the time with all our travel arrangements. She has always gone the extra mile to make sure that we are satisfied with all the arrangements.

Sent by Robyn Hughes

Very informative and helpful. Thank you

Sent by Kate Kuper

Lynne is terrific - she is always helpful and very efficient.

Sent by Conrad Marais

Incredibly dedicated to her job. Lynne goes above and beyond for even the smallest of details! Best Travel Counsellor ever! Thank you for everything that you do Lynne.

Sent by Mindy Douglas

Lynne was fabulous! We couldn’t do this trip without her!

Sent by Tanya Brodie-Rudolph

Lynne offers attentive personal service - thank you for always going the extra mile!

Sent by Rhoda Moore

I would not hesitate to recommend Lynne. She is most efficient.

Sent by Helen Kennedy

Fantastic choice of accommodation and nothing was too much trouble considering Lynne had only a week to find two sets of accommodation, to book a safari and hire a car.

Sent by Beth Howieson

Never travelling again without assistance from Lynne!

Sent by Lisa Searson

Lynne is extremely helpful with flight information. She explores your best options and is always happy to help and to work around our travel date changes. Lynne is friendly and courteous. I will definitely recommend her to everyone.

Sent by Laurence Chiappini

The service Lynne gives is quick and efficient!

Sent by Fay Bryant

Lynne was amazing and she really went the extra mile for us.

Sent by Reginald Haarhoff

Lynne came up with a streamlined travel plan that I hadn't even thought of. Thanks Lynne

Sent by Evelyn Blanck

I am writing to highly recommend Lynne Du Toit as a Travel Counsellor. She organized a trip for our party of nine which included travellers from South Africa, the UK and the US. She was highly professional, extremely responsive, accommodating and she went the extra mile. When I needed to cut my trip short, she went above and beyond to help arrange everything. The itinerary was exceptional and she never tired of responding to our questions. I recommend her without reservation.

Sent by Derek Fay

Lynne has truly been an answer to a prayer. I have travelled the World extensively and was devastated when my 20 year long, revered Travel Agent was "head hunted" into Corporate Directorship. I then by chance met Lynne who has surpassed every onerous challenge I have asked of her. She has cared for me and my family from the battlefields of the Somme, to flying a Spitfire, to safari in Botswana's amazing Chobe. Don't be surprised if she is more excited about your trip than you are. Try her, she will also become your new Best Friend.

Sent by Daniel Baumgard

Lynne is very knowledgeable, she provides information quickly and is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her (I have already have made referrals)!

Sent by Georgina Jaffee

Always available. Lynne is amazing with emergencies and she is a great person to deal with all round. Very tolerant of changes and Lynne is most efficient.

Sent by Linda Lapping

Lynne was very efficient and I enjoyed dealing with her.

Sent by Rita Chiappini

Lynne responds to all requests immediately and she is very helpful at all times.

Sent by Carla Blanckenberg

Lynne went above and beyond to find out our needs and she sent us various options which would suit our dates and budget. Her service is amazing!

Sent by Lesley Van Huyssteen

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Lynne and I did not have to worry about a thing. Thank you .

Sent by Greg Hughes

Lynne is the most professional and reliable travel consultant with whom I've ever had the privilege to work.

Sent by Rhoda Moore

Lynne is efficient and thorough. I am looking forward to our safari to the Serengeti next year and I know that it will be first class. Thank you Lynne

Sent by Carina Du Preez

Lynne was fabulous, she did booking for me using my airmiles in a flash. It is always a pleasure working with Lynne and she has a great sense of humor too.

Sent by Michael Gowell

My Travel Counsellor Lynne Du Toit was amazing. She went out of her way to make sure everything was perfect. She was in constant communication during the planning phase and during the trip. Every recommendation was perfect. She is the best travel agent that I have ever worked with.

Sent by Beth Howieson

Lynne always goes the extra mile.

Sent by Carol Moll

We have been dealing with Lynne Du Toit for almost 10 years and she has always given us tremendous service and has gone the extra mile to assist with our every need.

Sent by Robert White

Lynne Du Toit was extremely helpful and I would not hesitate to give her the opportunity to arrange my travel plans

Sent by Danna Flack

Lynne is highly efficient, knowledgeable and she combines great skill with a personal approach. In my 72 years I have visited 43 countries and I have definitely felt more confident with Lynne doing my planning than anyone else. Her attention to detail is one of her great strengths. She is a super star!