Top 10 Places to Travel in July

Top 10 Places to Travel in July

With school holidays in July, it is a fantastic time of the year to travel and explore new destinations. There is perfect weather for enjoying the beach or skiing down the best mountains as well as plenty of exciting events, so why not start planning your next adventure? Here are the top 10 destinations to visit during July.

1. Paris

In July, Paris enjoys warm and sunny days with an average of 10 hours of sunshine daily. There are numerous fantastic sites to visit and exciting events to attend. This year, Paris is hosting the 2024 Olympics, making late July the perfect time to witness the incredible event in person.

2. Tahiti

Everyone is heading to Paris for the Olympics, but if you're looking for a more tropical sports summer vacation, consider Tahiti. It will host a 10-day surf competition as part of the Olympics, and you can catch all the action on giant screens set up in parks, beaches, and marinas across the island. When you're not watching the competition, you can relax at one of the luxurious resorts or beautiful beaches.

3. Chile

July is peak winter time here so that means skiing, snowboarding, and heli-skiing. If you want to skip the slopes, then Chile also has unforgettable road trip journeys featuring fishing villages, surf towns and national wild parks. The diverse landscapes and welcoming culture make Chile a beautiful destination for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

4. Bali

Bali in July offers a perfect blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and ideal weather conditions. Despite being a popular time to visit, the island’s diverse attractions and activities ensure that there’s something for everyone. From exploring ancient temples and traditional dance performances to adventurous water sports and relaxing on stunning beaches, Bali truly has it all. The warm and dry weather in July makes it an excellent time for outdoor activities such as trekking through lush rice terraces or simply enjoying the breathtaking sunsets over the Indian Ocean.

5. Bonaire

Bonaire in July is ideal for travelers looking for a tranquil Caribbean escape with excellent weather, fewer crowds, and a wealth of outdoor activities, particularly for water sports enthusiasts. The island's natural beauty and rich marine life make it a perfect destination for both relaxation and adventure.

6. Kruger National Park

In the dry winter season, the cooler temperatures and reduced humidity make for pleasant conditions. Vegetation becomes sparse, and animals gather at permanent water sources, making them easier to spot. The lower temperatures also make it easier to spot big cats, including the elusive leopard.

7. Mauritius

The climate in the north and west of Mauritius tends to be warmer and drier compared to the south and east, mainly due to the Mauritius mountains. With it being the low season, you can expect fewer crowds at the beaches and resorts, making it a peaceful time to enjoy the beauty of the coastline. Additionally, the current conditions also make it an ideal time for thrilling gliding sports, providing the perfect opportunity for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

8. Argentina

July is the peak of winter in Argentina, with ski resorts in Patagonia and Mendoza bustling with activity. In southern Patagonia, the daylight hours are shorter, so it's best to allocate ample time for winter hiking. The temperatures are cool and crisp, creating perfect conditions for energetic outdoor activities, such as visiting the Iguazu Waterfalls.

9. Iceland

July is a fantastic time to visit Iceland. The extended daylight hours allow for more exploration and the shorter nights provide a unique experience. Wildlife enthusiasts will particularly enjoy this time of year, as it is perfect for whale watching, puffin breeding, and observing herds of magnificent reindeer.

10. Cancun

Cancun is an amazing destination for a tropical getaway, offering Mayan archaeological sites and a vibrant nightlife. July is an delightful time time to visit Cancun due to its pleasant weather for swimming. The average daily high temperature in July is 32ºC, and the sea water temperature averages 29ºC. Don't miss the Whale Shark Festival, a week-long celebration held in July at Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun.

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