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Helga Wenning

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My name is Helga Wenning and I am a proud Travel Counsellor. Although I am based in Vryheid Kwazulu Natal, I can provide excellent and personalised travel services to all clients in any part of the world.

I have moved from Gauteng nine years ago to a small German farming community in Northern Natal. Adjusting to the new environment was easy, as the community welcomed and made me part of the family immediately.

I started in the travel industry in 1996 and since that time both the travel and technology has evolved, but one thing that has remained constant: The uniqueness of people and their travel. With each booking and travel experience I grow and learn with my travellers, building a strong base of knowledge as time goes by.

I myself have travelled quite a bit and in some instances, I have visited the same destination twice. Each experience is different each time. All destinations hold its own adventures, excitement and experience and whatever your dream may be, it will be my pleasure to help create your experience and to turn it into reality.

Hope to hear from you and until then, happy and safe travelling!


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