Trusted Travel: Why you should book your next holiday with Travel Counsellors

24 May 2021

When it comes to travel, it is important you know that you are booking with someone you can trust, someone you can rely on and someone who knows exactly what you need each and every time. Trust is the main reason why our customers book with us, with 74% of them stating that this is the biggest benefit of having a personal Travel Counsellor - someone who can put together a bespoke package to meet your travel needs.

With an uncertain climate as we move forward in the travel industry, it is vital to book with someone who can ensure not only that you’ll have a good trip, but that things will run as smoothly as possible. At Travel Counsellors, we make it our business to ensure that trust is at the centre of everything we do, and here’s how it can be of benefit to you.

financial protection

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what is and isn’t financially protected when booking your trip, but we make that bit easy. When you book with your Travel Counsellor, you can rest assured that your money is safe. We care and want to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in booking with us, which is why our unique financial protection plan has you covered.

We’re always here

If something happens when you’re away from home, you can take comfort in knowing that your Travel Counsellor is only a phone call away. We also have a duty office working around the clock across seven countries and time zones to ensure that you are supported whenever you need it.

A wealth of expertise

It’s always great to hear first-hand feedback about somewhere you’re thinking of travelling to. We have a global family of almost 2,000 travel experts who provide just that, alongside our in-house review system with thousands of personal insights and reviews directly from our agents and customers, so you know it’s advice you can trust.

It’s personal

Our Travel Counsellors take the time to get to know their customers because they genuinely care. They are passionate about delivering a service that goes above and beyond, exceeding expectations and making sure their customers know they are booking with someone they can trust. That’s why 96% of our customers would recommend their Travel Counsellor to family and friends.

What’s right for you

While many travel companies sell the product that’s right for them, we employ a customer-first approach by prioritising your needs in order to find what’s right for you. We have access to thousands of suppliers and products globally and have developed our own cutting-edge booking system that enables our Travel Counsellors to tailor-make your perfect trip at a competitive price. We guarantee that this level of personalised service cannot be found anywhere else, simply because our Travel Counsellors and their approach is completely unique to you.

 Get in touch with your Travel Counsellor to book your perfect holiday.

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