Take Your Family On An Eco-Friendly Getaway With G Adventures

30 October 2017

Give your kids a taste of the great outdoors on the trip of a lifetime with G Adventures. Enjoy amazing experiences such as island hopping across the Galapagos and seeing the Big Five on safari in Tanzania with one of the leading providers of sustainable travel.

What is sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel is changing the way we travel. It allows us to reduce the negative natural or cultural impact tourism has on a region – so we can appreciate all it has to offer for years to come.

Taking your children on a trip with a sustainable tour operator doesn’t just give them the chance to explore beautiful destinations across the globe. It also presents an opportunity to educate the younger generation on why the preservation of our world is important and how they can contribute in a planet-friendly way.

With sustainable travel, fun and responsibility go hand in hand.

Who are G Adventures?

In 1990, entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip launched G Adventures with the belief that other travellers would share his desire to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner.

What started as a one-man team has grown into the world’s largest small-group adventure travel company. It now has an incredible portfolio of 650 experiences, safaris and expeditions on all seven continents.

G Adventures’ family trips open up the world of adventure travel to children age six and over by letting them experience the planet on their own terms. As a child, everything is exciting, so give them the key and unlock the door to discovery on a G Adventures tour.

Head east and journey through China on the Beijing to Hong Kong excursion, visiting sights such as the Great Wall of China along the way. Or bring Latin America to life on the Costa Rica Family Experience as you kayak through mangroves and explore forest reserves.

For those who are slightly older, there’s the Amazon to the Andes Teenage Adventure, offering an intriguing combination of beauty and contrasts in scenery, wildlife and cultures. Pass through the Amazon jungle, take the Inca Trail and travel to the spectacular Machu Picchu on this 12-day quest.

The Jane Goodall Collection

G Adventures have recently introduced a selection of 20 wildlife-focused tours titled ‘The Jane Goodall Collection.’

Dr Jane Goodall is a primatologist and considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. She has endorsed these small-group adventures which give travellers unique opportunities to see some of the planet’s most fascinating animals whilst simultaneously respecting their freedom.

Camp in the African wilderness on the Uganda & Gorillas Overland tour, or perhaps take in the Northern Lights alongside Arctic wildlife on the National Geographic Canadian Polar Bear Experience. There’s also a chance to spot lemurs and relax at the beach while enjoying the Highlights of Madagascar, in addition to the 17 other tours in the collection.

The Planterra Foundation

Since 2003, Planterra Foundation have been using their experience in the tourism industry to bring about a better quality of life in travel destinations worldwide. Supported by the funding they receive from partners like G Adventures, Planterra Foundation have launched various projects to promote cultural understanding and equality. The Foundation has worked with community associations to ensure travellers can stay with local families when travelling abroad so that the benefits of culture sharing can be enjoyed.

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