Sail The World On MSC’s New Generation Of Cruise Ships

02 January 2018

MSC Cruises will introduce two ships from their next generation of ‘Seaside-class vessels’ in 2017 & 2018. Embark on a journey with the MSC Seaside or MSC Seaview ships and explore some of the most intriguing destinations on earth while enjoying a luxurious cruising experience. The MSC Seaside's official christening will be on 23 December 2017 in Miami... 

Follow the sun

The MSC Seaside has launched in December 2017, giving you the chance to ‘follow the sun’ onboard an innovative new cruising concept ship. The ship has been outfitted with a range of features which are designed to help you connect with the sun and sea with blended indoor and outdoor spaces. Its crowning jewel will be the ‘Waterfront Boardwalk’; a board promenade ringing deck 8 which takes you to restaurants, bars, shops and other recreational spaces so you can relax in the sun. This promenade will feature a ‘glass skywalk’ allowing you to gaze into the ocean’s depths as you stroll.

Bask in the sunlight with a range of other Seaside features. The ship comes with a two-deck glass-walled atrium where you catch thrilling live entertainment along with panoramic lifts, offering social media-worthy views as you sail across the world’s seas. One of these lifts will carry you up to the MSC Seaside’s highest deck where you’ll encounter the spacious South Beach Pool. It also boasts a Panorama Pool filled where you can chill on loungers right by the water and enjoy spectacular views.

There will be plenty of ways to occupy yourself on MSC’s latest ship. Take advantage of state-of-the-art cardio equipment in the vessel’s cutting-edge gym, experience soothing signature relaxation treatments in the MSC Aurea Spa and sip rich coffees and cocktails in one of the ship’s 20 classy bars and lounges. You’re in for a culinary adventure onboard the MSC Seaview with its nine top-notch restaurants. They offer flavours from around the globe with everything from prime steak and sushi to escargot and breakfast crepes, while there are both buffet and à la carte options.

Close to the sea

The MSC Seaview will follow in June 2018, and it’ll bring you closer to the world’s seas than ever before. The MSC Seaview’s standout feature will be its impressive 360°promenade, which will be unique to this ship. The promenade will be composed of sturdy glass balustrades which encircle the entire vessel, giving you the chance to gaze down into deep blue depths as you stroll. This one-of-a-kind walkway will be lined with elegant restaurants, lively bars and a string of boutiques, along with al fresco dining facilities and bustling recreational areas, so you could while away your days here.

The ship’s promenade comes as part of the MSC Seaview’s pioneering ‘beach condo’ concept. This brings you closer to the sea by providing spectacular views of the water from various public spaces on the ship, while there are also more balcony cabins than on any other MSC vessels. The rooms and suites onboard the MSC Seaview are extensive and outfitted with contemporary furnishings, so you’re bound to feel at home. Meanwhile, for an exclusive experience, visit the MSC Seaview’s private onboard Yacht Club where you’ll find a ship within a ship. Luxuriate in plush chairs with tantalising drinks while enjoying unique recreation and entertainment in this refined space.

Traverse the globe

Whichever ship you choose, visit fascinating locations with MSC. It’s ships regularly dock in some of the world’s most popular ports from ultra-modern Dubai with its towering technological marvels and scenic Cape Town to frenetic financial hub Shanghai and the icy remote Svalbard islands.

MSC is renowned for its Mediterranean cruises, and you can journey through this picturesque part of the world onboard the Seaview in 2018. This ship will have three home ports; Barcelona, Marseille and Genoa and will visit places like Valetta and Naples, allowing you to view everything from vivid Gaudi architecture and to the archaeological sites of Malta. The MSC Seaside will voyage across the sun-kissed Caribbean next year, docking in ports such as jet-setter’s paradise Miami with its trendy South Beach district, top snorkelling site Nassau and Ochos Rios which is famed for its sandy shores.

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