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07 December 2018

The Caribbean isn’t all about relaxing beach holidays. And although there’s plenty of scope to relax on white-sand beaches or by the pool, the dramatic volcanic island of Saint Lucia is perfect for those looking for a more active break. We’ve picked out some of our favourite activities in this gorgeous and welcoming destination.

“If you can rouse yourself out of a hammock or beach lounger, Saint Lucia offers a myriad of exciting ways to spend the day – mountain-biking, horseback rides along the beach, helicopter tours, boat cruises to name a few! […] The central interior contains mountains, rainforest, cloud forest and elfin woodland. Its vast, inhabited forest reserves offer numerous hiking trails boasting arresting scenery accented by exotic flora and fauna. Options range from steep mountain treks to easy jaunts through the woods or along coastal paths. Many hiking paths lead to picturesque waterfalls, where you can cool off in the clear mountain water.”

Joanne, Travel Counsellor

Explore the Rainforest

There’s a whole array of ways to really get to grips with Saint Lucia’s lush green forests, including hopping aboard the Rainforest Aerial Tram up to an ecological park, zip-lining and taking on rope challenges at the Treetop Adventure Park, hiking and jungle-biking.

“One of the stops we made was to Anse Chastanet, where I undertook the physical challenge of jungle-biking. There were three courses you could follow; Easy, Intermediate and Hard. I chose the easy option, which took me through the jungle to a water reserve and the remains of a sugar plantation, which was really interesting. We also had enough time to soak our tired muscles in the warm and calm waters at Anse Chastanet beach.”

Kate, Travel Counsellor

Ride a Horse

Horse-riding is especially popular with families in Saint Lucia, with outings available for different ages and levels of ability. Best-loved are the beach rides, when you can even ride your steed into the warm Atlantic waters.

What an adventure! We trotted along the edge of the sea and then had a briefing before trotting into the sea on our horses, bareback and barefoot. The instructors were fabulous and always conscious of our safety whilst ensuring that we enjoyed every minute. What a truly amazing experience…

Lizzie, Travel Counsellor

Snorkel or Dive

Saint Lucia’s clear waters and ample sea-life make it perfect for snorkelling – with a prime spot being lovely Anse Cochon beach, where you can expect to see turtles, trumpet fish, moray eels, octopus, squid and much more. This area also has diving sites aplenty, including several shipwrecks.

We went out on the Sandals dive boat to do some snorkelling and saw some beautiful fish. This was another great way to see the island. From the water it is just as stunning and we were so lucky to see a family of dolphins with their baby.

Sue, Travel Counsellor

Go Whale - and Dolphin - watching

Spending a few hours on a speedboat tracking pilot, sperm and humpback whales and the occasional orca, and spotting schools of dolphin too, is the stuff of which lasting memories are made.

“We went sailing, snorkelling and water-skiing and hired a speedboat to travel down to the Pitons (two large volcanic mountains in the ocean). Along the way, we spotted some whales, which were amazing. It was a great experience for the children.

Sadie, Travel Counsellor

Cruise to Pigeon Island


This National Park is also a living museum with a fort to climb to (with stupendous views) as well as the ruins of military buildings to explore – those used during the battles for the island between the French and the Brits. But there are also two glorious beaches to enjoy, two restaurants and a pub.

We did venture out of the resort and had a lovely day visiting Pigeon Island and Rodney Bay, taking a water taxi back to resort. We also hired a boat for a day trip to go down to the Pitons for snorkelling, sightseeing and sunbathing.”

Annabel, Travel Counsellor

Visit the ‘Drive-in’ Volcano

Saint Lucia’s Sulphur Springs near Soufrière is a unique spot where you can mud bath finished by a wash in the sulphurous springs – a detoxifying experience said to help heal sunburn, eczema, arthritis and sore joints, among other ailments. One great way to visit the spot is by all-terrain buggy, before taking dirt roads and winding paths down to Toraille waterfall for a refreshing swim.

Soufrière volcano looks like what you would imagine the inside of a volcano to look like – hot, smoky, with bubbling mud springs. You have to pay to drive in but it’s well worth it as you leave the road and make your way by foot to a vantage point which is directly above the volcano – it’s an amazing sight.”

Gill, Travel Counsellor

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