Off the beaten track in Vietnam

25 March 2020

Vietnam is known for its cuisine and offers an abundance of flavourful options for travellers to choose from. Hue is the old imperial capital of Vietnam with its royal palaces and palatial mausoleums, and nearby the battle sites of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) are reminders of the brutality of war. Despite rapid economic expansion over recent years, Vietnam’s cultural roots remain strong. You’ll find ancient temples and colourful pagodas scattered throughout urban centres, interspersed with luxurious hotels and sleek skyscrapers. A country with a complex history, boundless natural beauty and fascinating cultural influences, Vietnam provides a wealth of different activities and unique experiences.

Best time to visit Vietnam
There is no clear-cut best time to visit Vietnam. However, spring (February to April) and autumn (August to October) offer temperate weather and are the driest times of year. Travellers may want to avoid Monsoon season: roughly May to September in the southwest and October to April in the Northeast. Nonetheless, most people travel over the December to January period. Remember that the regions have such varied weather patterns that it ultimately depends on where you intend to visit.

Recommended length of stay: 10-14 days in order to see the must-see sights

Local currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)


Top three experiences

Backstreet adventure by Minsk, Hanoi
Discover another side of the city away from the usual places filled with tourists on the back of an old-style Soviet Minsk. You will be able observe the real life of Hanoians outside of the famous historical parts and Old Quarter, as you ride through the maze of zigzagging backstreets and narrow alleyways.

Cooking class at Tha Om Garden House, Hue
What better way to discover the people and gastronomy of a place than by joining a cooking class in the kitchen? Considered by many Vietnamese “the most important place in a household”, you will not only learn about the ingredients that make up royal style cooking but also get to savour it in traditional surroundings.

River cruise, Mekong Delta
As you sail along the Mekong River, you’ll experience the bustling  daily lives of locals along the banks, and watch barges crossing the river to a scenic backdrop of fruit drying facilities and wooden ship building yards.

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