Nine Things To Do In Marvellous Miami

02 January 2018

A kaleidoscope of diversity, culture and fun, sun-kissed Miami is a top year-round holiday destination. Here are our top nine things to do in the Magic City...


Soak up some sun at the Venetian Pools

Created from a coral rock quarry, The Venetian Pool boasts stunning Tuscan architecture doused in pink hues. Palm trees, waterfalls and caves all come together to make this public pool area one of Miami’s prettiest swim spots that all the family can enjoy. After exploring the coves and splashing about in the fresh spring water, visitors can relax on the white sands of the private beach.



Visit South Beach

This cosmopolitan neighbourhood is often referred to as America’s Riviera. Miami Beach is known as the party beach of the USA and plays hosts to all kinds of festivities throughout the year. Don’t forget to visit one of the 31 whimsical painted lifeguard huts for an unmissable photo opportunity!


Marvel at Coral Castle

This incredible structure was created single-handedly by Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian immigrant who sought to pay tribute to a love lost. The impressive testimonial was sculpted from sedimentary rocks and the creation process is one of Miami’s best-kept secrets, with Leedskalnin’s only admission being that he ‘followed the principles of the pyramids’ to manoeuvre 10-tonne rocks.


Miami Pride

One of the most famous celebrations of community and spirit, Miami Pride takes place over three days every April. Miami does Pride better than anywhere else, and it’s often seen as the quintessential Pride festival due to the prominence of the gay community in the area. Over recent years, Miami Pride has seen major acts take to the stage including Iggy Azealea, Jordin Sparks and Gloria Estefan. Colourful soirees come to a finish with a spectacular parade down Ocean Drive.





Bass Museum of Art

Founded in 1964, the Bass Museum of Art reopened in October 2017 following renovations and has been congratulated on its Instagram worthy exhibitions. Take a look at Ugo Rondinone’s ‘Good Evening Beautiful Blue’ piece - an eclectic installation of rainbows and neon.



Cuban Charm in Little Havana

Embrace multicultural Miami and head to Little Havana. Enjoy Cuban coffee at one of the many Hispanic inspired cafes and wander through the traditional open-air fruit markets. Calle Ocho festival takes place in March and is the largest street festival in Miami, where revellers can sample Cuban food and rum cocktails, and dance the night away to sensational Salsa music.



Opulence at Nikki Beach

Unwind at the fabulous Nikki Beach and enjoy poolside beats whilst soaking up the Floridian sun – you can even hire a private cabana for the day and sip champagne here, dubbed one of Miami’s most stylish ocean-front hangouts. If you don’t want the party to stop, head inside the Pearl Club when the sun goes down and dance the night away to world-class DJs!



Beer Tasting at Wynwood Walls

See some of the world’s most celebrated street art with a visit to Wynwood Walls, a haven for creatives showing off their skills in urban art and graffiti. The area is famed for its craft beers and holds an annual festival featuring local, regional and national samples. Head down to this bohemian paradise to see another parallel of Miami.



Jungle Island

Introduce your youngsters to a menagerie of tropical animals at Jungle Island zoological park. Get close to intriguing creatures such as sloths and lemurs, while viewing other fascinating animals like gibbons, Andean condors, llamas and green iguanas. Enjoy unique experiences while you’re here including overnight jungle stays, scouting excursions and ‘ed-venture camps’ where your kids can find out what it’s like to be a zoo-keeper with games, animal encounters and crafting sessions!


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