Multigenerational cruises: Travels with grandma, mummy, and me…

20 April 2017

Multigenerational cruises: Travels with grandma, mummy, and me

In years gone by, we loaded up the car and made the trip to see granny and grandpa. Or, granny and grandpa came to us, camping out for a week during the holidays. With more flights across the globe and plenty of family friendly spots to enjoy though, a holiday abroad seems like a perfect way for everyone to spend time together - and to leave behind the stresses entertaining at home brings.

Hopping on a plane to warmer shores feels a little more challenging though, doesn’t it? You need accommodation to please everyone from your five-year-old to your 75-plus mother. Activities to make teens giggle and entertain grandparents. And, destinations to charm everyone from little ones to mom and dad.

Multigenerational cruises - travel with everyone in your family on a cruise

And it’s here that a cruise holiday comes into its own. Gone are the hours spent trying to entertain everyone in the family. In their place? Excursions to delight history buffs to thrill-seekers, food for even the fussiest of eaters, and so many on-board activities, you might wonder how you’ll fit everything into each day.

As Travel Counsellor Lani, who travelled with two young children on her first cruise last year, says, "with nearly everything included, you know up front what your holiday is costing you (aside from drinks and shore excursions) and it’s entirely up to you how much you do – if you like being on the go all the time, then there is a full programme of activities that could have you running from one end of the ship to the other every day, but you can also choose to just sit on a deck chair and stare out to sea (with a cocktail or two if you so desire!) and be equally as happy.”

Carnival Cruise comedy night

Known as ‘multigenerational cruises,’ taking your extended family on a cruise holiday offers a fun and hassle-free option for everyone you’re travelling with. You’ll find children’s clubs for little ones and separate clubs for teens, so they can explore with their new-found friends. A variety of restaurants ensuring foodies stay happy during their trip. And, the array of ports to explore, optional excursions, and spectacular evening shows mean it’s almost certain your family will never be bored.

Travel Counsellor Amanda set sail from Abu Dhabi on MSC Fantasia in February 2017 on an 8-night cruise with two children under 10, her partner, and two grandparents: "We had 2 cabins - the grandparents had a balcony cabin and we were across from each other. We spent one day at sea and the children had lots to do on the ship as there was an indoor pool and outdoor pool with fountains as well as a water slide and kids' club. All in all, it was a great break that we all enjoyed and came back with a healthy glow. I would definitely recommend MSC Cruises as the age group is mixed and I think it appeals to all, from children to anyone who's retired."

Read on to discover a few cruise ships to please granny, mommy, and little ones!

Climbing wall on Royal Caribbean cruise ship


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