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07 September 2021

The coffee culture is strong in Cape Town with shops lining the corners and main strips across the city, calling on java connoisseurs to sample their latest brews. From little nooks in the CBD to seaside meeting places in Simonstown, check out some of our local coffee shops with character.


Deluxe Coffeeworks

Deluxe Coffeeworks makes the list for so many reasons: As well as offering fantastic coffee, this popular coffee house also offers great music and welcoming friendly baristas. Another draw of this funky industrial-style coffee house, particularly for tourists visiting the city, is its location: Situated in the centre of the city, just near Greenmarket Square, Deluxe Coffeworks is the ideal coffee stop if you need to spend some time in the city centre organizing your day trips, sorting out banking and organizing your travel money, or simply experiencing Cape Town’s urban heart. There’s no better place to take a break, unwind, and refuel with a delicious cup of coffee.

Truth Coffee

If you like good coffee served in a gritty and industrialised environment then Truth Coffee is the ideal Cape Town coffee shop for you. Walking into Truth Coffee feels like you’re walking into a Victorian futuristic fantasy: steam punk lovers will be in awe of the well thought of décor. More important than the interior though is the incredible coffee: strong, hot and full of flavour.  Truth Coffee also offers all of its patrons three hours of free WiFi. According to The Guardian, Truth Coffee is the best coffee shop in South Africa and the Daily Telegraph rates Truth Coffee as the world's best coffee shop.



Some of Cape Town’s coffee shops are busy and bustling; others are perfect for hanging out with friends. The Tribe Coffee Café is a little different: It is the perfect place for enjoying a cup of coffee alone and enjoying some quiet reflection. The atmosphere is zen-like and soothing, there is no better place to relax and take some time out to truly unwind. And the coffee? The beans are gently roasted and the aroma fills the whole café: you certainly won’t be disappointed with the coffee in the Tribe Coffee Café.


Bob's Bagel Cafe

One of those café’s that you discover when you head off the main stretch, Bob’s Bagel Cafe, is everything we love about Kalk Bay – chilled, friendly and real. This little café serves up some great brew to go along with its bagels and opens up onto the park in central Kalk Bay. A top spot.


The Blend

This cosy little shop on Roeland Street is a favourite on the East End of the CBD. Serving a variety of blends, they pride themselves on their love of coffee and claim to have the best wraps in town. Are they? We’re not giving anything away, so you will have to try them yourself as you sip on a good, strong cup of java.


The Bootlegger Coffee Company

Open from 6.30am, serving their much-loved Flatwhite, the Bootlegger is unabashedly passionate about all things coffee. This super-cool, industrial-chic eatery roasts their blend daily and also offers up some seriously tasty meals, from classic breakfasts to tapas for lunch/dinner.



Another popular haunt in the CBD – we’re spoilt for choice really – Kamili may not look like much from the outside, but once inside the warm, ambient interior and basic benches provide a homely feel, while the blissful smell of their roasted coffee only serves to enhance your mood. Friendly staff and great coffee, Kamili is the perfect spot to dodge the rain and grab a quick cuppa.


The Meeting Place

This unique spot can be found on the main strip running through Simon’s Town and is quickly becoming a favourite place to meet. With a relaxed and welcoming vibe, The Meeting Place has been designed with relaxation in mind. Inside, comfortable couches are centred around an old-fashioned fireplace, while outside on the balcony garden-style chairs and tables await you.



How could you possible go wrong at a spot named ‘lekker’? Lekker basically means: good, tasty, delicious, nice or anything to express approval or satisfaction. Situated on the main Kalk Bay strip, the restaurant claims to be the place to go if you’re looking for lekker coffee, lekker pastries and cakes, lekker food, lekker staff and service, lekker local favourites like milktart, koeksisters, botter marie and tea, vetkoek with jam and so much more.


Rosetta Roastery

The guys at Rosetta Roastery are seriously passionate – and knowledgeable – when it comes to coffee and they love to share all of that with their clientele. They source only the best single origin coffees from places as far afield as North and South America and Asia, while their shop has been featured on lists of the best coffee shops in the world. Minimalist, with a black and white interior, Rosetta lets their coffee do the talking for them – and the word is spreading.


Bean There

The team at Bean There are absolutely devoted to sourcing and serving the very best coffee available. All of the coffee they serve is ethically sourced and they travel to the farms and communities where they source their beans personally in order to ensure that they are getting the best beans and serving to optimal roast. Add this to the wonderful atmosphere and the eclectic African interior, and you have the very best coffee shop in Cape Town.


Giovanni's Deliworld

Have a taste for rich and delicious Italian coffees, or want to enjoy a bite to eat whilst you enjoy your coffee? Giovanni’s Deliworld is the perfect Cape Town coffee pop in for you. The food is tasty and the expressos are genuinely potent. This coffee haunt is incredibly popular with the locals and the atmosphere is vibrant and friendly: well worth the trip to its slightly out of the city location.


House of machines ~ car parts, coffee, restaurant, bar, fashion, gifts

Evil Twin Coffee, House of Machine’s home brewed goodness, is combined with an automotive parts vendor in the back, La Macchina, which adds men’s clothing and hip gifts to equation. Did we mention they serve delicious, health food and are a smashingly stylish late night bar? (subj to government curfew regulations.)

Discover some of the best that is on offer in Cape Town

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With so much to do and see in Cape Town be sure to start your day with a coffee.  Cape Town has top coffee spots located around the City. When planning your next holiday to Cape Town speak to your Travel Counsellor to give you loads of ideas, inspiration and insider tips to craft the perfect Cape Town Experience. Remember that your Travel Counsellor is on hand ready to assist you before, during and even after your trip. Share your Photos of your Cape Town experience and use the #lovecapetown and #TCExperience


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