Explore the mysterious and enchanting islands of Indonesia

04 June 2019

Outstanding natural beauty, countless traditions, and a fascinating culture is just the beginning in Indonesia. How about world-class diving in colourful coral reefs, spotting orang-utans deep within lush forests or maybe just relaxing in sublime spa and wellness resorts? Whatever you seek from your trip, you’re sure to find it across one of Indonesia’s captivating islands.

Where to stay?

Whether its luxurious beachfront retreats, spacious villas nestled on the cliff edge, or remote boutique hideaways, Indonesia’s choice of accommodation is endless. For relaxation, Travel Counsellors recommend Spa Village Tembok in Bali, which includes a 50-minute spa treatment daily, and for sensational dining, stay at the COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, where you can immerse yourself in the flavours of Indonesian cuisine.


A term more synonymous with the Caribbean or Greece, island-hopping in Indonesia is unsurprisingly popular, but surprisingly easy. Indonesia’s national emblem is inscribed with the words ‘Unity in Diversity’, and with a multitude of islands, religions, creeds and cultures to explore, we definitely recommend visiting more than one area. Consider combining the laid-back luxury of Jimbaran with the thriving community of Ubud in Bali, then hop over to Lombok for swimming and snorkelling. Or discover the famously biodiverse rainforests of Kalimantan before heading to Borobudur on Java, to see the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world.

Weather and when to go?

With temperature averaging 28 degrees Celsius year round, Indonesia’s climate is warm and tropical, with the dry season spanning May-September. The wet season runs October-April, however, rainfall occurs in short, heavy bursts.

Did you know?

“Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island known for its fantastic hotels, beaches, beautiful sunsets, great restaurants and lovely people. Bali is packed full of things to do, including many water-based activities such as scuba diving, surfing, fishing, and more. It is also a paradise for spa-lovers and all sorts of treatments are widely available.”

Richard, Travel Counsellor


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