Explore Peru On A Family Trip With G Adventures

06 April 2018

Peru is perfect for your next family holiday, as it’s the kind of place which caters to culture lovers and explorers alike. Discover Peru with G Adventures, the small-group adventure travel company which specialises in providing life-changing outdoor tours!

Meet G Adventures

G Adventures is the brainchild of entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip, who had a dream to make it possible for fellow travellers to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable way and that is exactly what he did. In 1990, Poon Tip launched G Adventures and it has evolved to become the planet’s largest small-group adventure travel company, offering over 700 experiences across all seven continents including polar expeditions and safaris. G Adventures has become particularly popular among families, as a selection of their tours can give families with children as young as six the chance to explore the wonders of our planet on their own terms.

You can expect any number of unique experiences on a G Adventures journey. This ranges from kayaking through the mangroves of Costa Rica and trekking across the Great Wall of China to living with local families across the world, giving your kids the chance to immerse themselves in unfamiliar cultures. What remains consistent through every G Adventures tour you take, is the high level of service you receive, with experts and guides on hand to shed new light on your location of choice. With G Adventures on hand, you and your loved ones can make the most of your Peruvian holiday!

Cradle of ancient empires

There is nowhere on earth like Peru, the cradle of ancient empires. This land was once home to the mighty Inca civilisation, who left behind a treasure trove of monuments for your family to discover such as the Machu Picchu citadel. The Inca Empire grew rich, with their gold eventually attracting the Spanish conquistadors who took over Peru and built more sites you can still see today, including the city of Cusco. Peru is just as beloved by travellers for its natural treasures as its historical sites, as the country boasts mighty mountains, sprawling rainforests and meandering rivers, as well as pristine beaches and one of the highest lakes on earth at Lake Titicaca, giving you so much to see.


Here are three tours that G Adventures provide in Peru, perfect for your family holiday…

Discover the Inca Trail

Spend seven days discovering the iconic ‘Inca Trail’, on a trip which is appropriate for children aged 12 and over. You will pass traditional villages, cloud forests and formidable foothills on your way to Machu Picchu. This itinerary gives you the chance to combine the cultural highlights of the Sacred Valley with the challenge of one of the world’s best known hikes. On this trip, you’ll begin in the charming town of Cusco, known for its traditional shops, then take a guided tour of Peru’s Sacred Valley and go on a four-day Inca Trail hike, before arriving at Machu Picchu. Alternative routes up to the Citadel such as the Lares Trek and the Cuzco Stay are also available.

Get active in Peru

You can also take a 15-day Inca Trail tour, on a trip which is perfectly suited to those aged 12 and up who like to get active with multisport experiences. Travelling on a round-trip from Peruvian capital Lima, your tour will feature the same inclusions as the seven-day trip, along with some exciting extras. This includes a guided tour of Machu Picchu, a 2-day kayaking excursion on Lake Titicaca with stops in Taquile, Amamtani and the Uros Islands, as well as a 2-day biking excursion in the Sacred Valley in place of the Sacred Valley guided tour. You will even get the opportunity to try local living at a Lake Titicaca homestay, allowing you and your kids to experience Peruvian village life.

Amazon to the Andes

Hike along the Inca Trail, while exploring the world’s most beautiful forest, on the 12-day ‘Amazon to the Andes’ tour. Appropriate for travellers aged 12 and up, this trip takes you from Lima to Cusco, then on a four-day Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu, before you fly to Puerto Maldonado for forest adventures! You will stay in the exclusive G Amazon Lodge for three days, putting you so close to the rainforest that you can swim in nearby streams and board your a caiman-spotting cruise in this wildlife haven. You will be treated to guided excursions with naturalists in the Amazon, who will reveal all the wonders it holds!

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