Escape To Jersey For A Memorable Winter Excursion

08 January 2018

Travel to Jersey and find #theislandbreak of your dreams over the cold season. Jersey is the ideal destination for those 'rainwatchers' who like to relax with loved ones in good country pubs while sheltering from the storm and 'windchasers' who embrace the brisk weather with a smile on their face ready for an adventure, so you're sure to have a fabulous time here! 

Who are you?

Are you a rainwatcher or a windchaser? Whoever you are, there’s an ideal Jersey itinerary just waiting for you. As a rainwatcher stay at L’Hôpital, a charming self-catering hotel perched on the rugged rocky landscapes of St Catherine’s Bay where you can observe the scenic showers from your window. Good activities for rainwatchers include birding tours, tasting local produce at the family-run Classic Tea Room and viewing the ‘Jersey in the 1980’s Exhibition’ at the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery. You could also take a trip to the award-winning L’Horizon Spa near St Brelade’s Bay, where you can indulge in pampering treatments while looking out as the rain drops into the sea. Explore different aspects of Jersey as a windchaser, staying at the iconic Radio Tower where you can observe the nearby and sea beyond as the winter wind rages. As a windchaser it’s a good idea to walk along the cliff-top paths which span Jersey’s north coast. You can also take evening photography tours where you’ll capture dramatic landscapes in the moonlight and dine on ‘hash’ at the El Tico cantina as you observe kite surfers fly over choppy waves. Here are further hotels, activities and attractions which work for your itinerary... 

Stay somewhere different

Holidays in Jersey are unlike anything else you’ll experience. From romantic seaside hideaways to historical retreats and quirky re-purposed buildings, the island is home to some unique hotels. For one-of-a-kind experiences stay at either Nicolle Tower or the Cider Barn at Hamptonne. At Nicolle Tower enjoy some of the best sea views in Jersey, from an advantageous hilltop location, while you relax in your personal tower as though you are Medieval aristocracy! The Cider Barn is a converted 15th-century granite farmhouse, complete with thatched roof, where you can wander through colourful orchards, lush meadows and winding country lanes on a still winter’s morning. For romantic escapes stay in 1930s-esque seaside resort Barge Around, based at St Ouen’s Bay, where you can snuggle under blankets as winter showers fall outside. Indulge your inner explorer at Fort Leicester, a 19th-century clifftop hotel buried into the rockface and split across three levels! Here you can enjoy Sunday lunches at local pubs, stroll along imposing cliff edges and warm up by wood-burning stoves!

Enchanting walks 

A trip to Jersey shows you how beautiful winter can be. There’s nothing like strolling along Jersey’s rugged coastline, feeling the bracing wind whip across your face, as you gaze out to the tumultuous seas. From multi-faceted sunrises to roiling storms, there are so many spectacular views to find on one of Jersey’s popular walking routes. The L’Etacq to Grosnez’ trail, which takes you across some of the island’s most exposed coastline, is a favourite among many walkers. Tackle challenging terrain, wander through vivid flower-filled heathland, discover bleak World War II bunkers and explore the haunting ruins of Grosnez Castle on this captivating route!

For the more active among you, the ‘St Helier to St Aubin’ route is ideal. Run or cycle along this 5-km promenade by the sea for a refreshing workout, while passing unique attractions including the dramatic St Aubin’s Fort, historic German bunkers and intriguing Martello Towers. Enjoy peaceful winter scenes on the ‘St Catherine’s Bay to Gorey’ route, viewing secluded bays as you stroll along winding shoreline paths to the quaint village of Gorey, where charming cafes serving sweet treats await. When you’re feeling reflective, the ‘St Brelade’s Bay route’ is perfect, as you can wander across smooth sands and scenic pine groves, taking in the brisk sea air as you ponder the meaning of life!

Thrilling itineraries

Jersey is filled with intriguing sites, establishments and landmarks for your wondrous winter getaway. Across the island, you’ll discover a range of welcoming restaurants serving hearty cuisine that’ll help you ward off the winter chill. An ideal spot is The Square, a contemporary space known for its tantalising local beef dishes. Shopaholics should visit Liberty Wharf in St Helier where you can buy authentic trinkets, or the Jersey Central Market, known for selling unbelievably fresh produce. You might also want to stop at real ale pubs like The Lamplighter, a classic establishment famous for its locally-made pork pies, satisfying pints and body-warming whiskies!

A highlight of any Jersey itinerary is the War Tunnels. Built by the Germans during World War Two, these subterranean tunnels span half a mile and were intended to serve as an underground hospital. Learn about this site’s fascinating past, ponder what you’ve discovered while sitting in the nearby Garden of Reflection, or stroll along the woodland paths which lie close to the tunnels. As the daylight ebbs early in winter, you’ll have plenty of time for stargazing, something you can do easily while sitting in a cosy country pub here as the skies are so clear due to lack of light pollution. Cap off your trip by checking out amazing landmarks like St Matthew’s Glass Church, blokarting among the brisk westerly winds of St Ouen's Bay or strolling along the scenic beaches, marinas and streets of picturesque Jersey!

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