Drive your way around Oman

07 June 2018

While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are renowned for their sun-kissed shores, natural beauty and wealth of attractions, nearby Oman is coming into its own as one of the Middle East’s premier destinations.

A visit to the Sultanate will have you standing amongst wild and varied landscapes and rich cultural heritage, giving you the opportunity to have the adventure of a lifetime.

One of the ways you can get around the country is on a self-drive tour. Take advantage of the freedom to travel at your own pace, with family and friends, while being on an organised tour, giving you peace of mind. Oman is a very safe country and has an excellent road network carrying little traffic – perfect for when travelling without a guide.

Each tour itinerary will give several opportunities for activities and excursions such canyoning and cooking classes each day, which will need to be booked in advance. But if you’d rather hit the hotel’s private beach or go hiking across a wadi – the choice is yours!

All tours are private and à la carte based on the combination of your needs and wants and the expertise of both your Travel Counsellor and local company. You’ll take your rental car around your agreed route, and your TC will take care of the documentation and accommodation for you.

With a selection of tours ranging from just one day to a full week, crafted by professionals with extensive knowledge of the country and its tourist sector, why not check out the spectacular beauty of Oman by road?

Tiwi and its wadis

Travel along the coast and between the Gulf of Oman and the Western Hajar mountains on this 4x4 self-drive day tour. There will be plenty of adventure as you discover two very different valleys with hiking trails and natural pools that you can swim in. On the way back, you’ll have time to lap up the sun on the beautiful Fins beach, a quiet secluded spot just 90 minutes south of Muscat.

The Rustaq Loop

Drive at the foot of the Western Hajar mountains paying a visit to the 19th-century Nakhal Fort along the way, then make your way to the heart of the range through spectacular valleys and discover small, hidden villages and their palm groves on the Rustaq Loop day tour.

Marvels of the Sultanate

Get under the skin of Oman with this week-long Marvels of the Sultanate tour. Driving in a 4x4, you’ll first explore and hike the trails of the Western Hajar, before continuing on to Jebel Shams, Oman’s highest mountain. You will stay at one of the most luxurious resorts in the Wahiba Desert ahead of a drive to the coast. There await turtles, golden, sandy beaches, wadis and spectacular, wild dirt roads.

Jebels, desert and wadis

Start off in the capital Muscat for a week you’ll never forget and take in the city’s spellbinding architecture including Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and Al Alam Palace, then set your coordinates for the Western Hajar mountains. On this spectacular crossing, you’ll discover the region’s quaint villages, great valleys and imposing forts. Spend a night camping amongst the dunes followed by the exploration of the wadis and swimming in natural pools.


If you’d like to book your own Oman self-drive adventure today, then contact your Travel Counsellor.

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