Cruising in the 21st century

17 September 2018

The cruise industry has upped its game over the past decade. No longer is the competition other cruise lines – it’s land-based resorts. Indeed, From state-of-the-art spas to high-tech entertainment venues, cruises are now one of the most fast-changing and forward-thinking holiday options. Once seen as the preserve of retirees and honeymooners, they’re increasingly attuned to passengers of all interests and tastes

We’ve taken a look at some of the latest innovations in the wonderful world of cruising.

Staying connected at sea

Once upon a time, boarding a cruise ship meant leaving your electronics behind. Nowadays, cruise companies are helping passengers stay connected at sea with features such as charging points, computer rooms and Wi-Fi (sometimes included as part of a package) and generally making cruising easier using new technology.

To take just one example, Princess Cruises’ Ocean Medallion is a waterproof wearable device that allowed passengers to unlock their stateroom doors, order food and drink, and locate where their family is on a ship and communicate with them via an instant messenger.


Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean has developed an app enabling seamless check-in and frictionless boarding, with the aim of getting guests from car to bar in just 10 minutes, among other enhancements.

Modern entertainment and wellness

Recent revamps when it comes to onboard entertainment include original productions and West End favourites with amazing sets and high production values. In fact, the theatres themselves are often more advanced than their land-based counterparts.

Royal Caribbean’s Two70 lounge has floor-to-ceiling windows that transform it from a typical theatre setting to a venue with a 30m-wide high-definition screen – twice as big as what you’d find at an IMAX cinema. Six more screens come attached to robotic arms.

Most modern ships have full health and wellness suites so guests can both work out and relax, while features such as go-kart racing, games rooms with the latest consoles and even 3D printers are available on some.

Cabin innovations

Technology is also being employed to push the boundaries of room design. New ship Celebrity Edge has redefined cabins with its Infinite Verandas inspired by the French balconies on European river ships. Here, the balcony area has been moved inside the cabin, allowing the top portion of the window to be lowered and the area separated by bi-folding doors. This results in an additional 23% of cabin floor space and means that the balcony area can be used even if the weather isn’t great.

If you would like to book your room on a technologically advanced ship, contact your Travel Counsellor.

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