Captivating Russia

25 March 2020

Russia has captivated the minds of travellers for decades, no small thanks to the mystery of the land behind the old iron-curtain. The largest country in the world has only really opened up to travellers from the western world in the last few decades, and now many adventurous tourists are discovering the wonders of Russia. Most travellers focus their attention on the western end of the country, where cosmopolitan cities like Moscow and St Petersburg offer world-class symphonies and ballets, and famous tourist attractions like the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral, and the Winter Palace.

Best time to visit Russia
In winter, the weather in Russia is bitterly cold, especially in Siberia. Most travellers prefer to visit in the warmer months; as it tends to be rainy in July and August, the best time to visit Russia is May and June (spring), or September and October (autumn).

Recommended length of stay: 7 nights for Moscow and St. Petersburg

Local currency: Russian Ruble (RUB)


Top three experiences

Matryoshka painting class, Moscow
Take a closer look at one of the best-known Russian exports as you get to grips with Russian dolls. Known as ‘matryoshka’, meaning ‘little mother’, these dolls have an important cultural significance and you can learn the correct painting technique so that you’re able to create your very own unique souvenir that you can be proud of taking home.

Private viewing of the Faberge collection, St Petersburg
Avoid the crowds to witness the awe-inspiring collection of Faberge eggs, as well as around 4,000 other jewelled objets d’arts at the Faberge Museum. Estimated to be worth several hundred million pounds in value, the Faberge collection is a spectacular display of Russian art and heritage.

Lightning speeds in a genuine fighter jet, Nizhny Novgorod
Soar into the skies with this breakneck adventure. The phenomenal MiG aircraft were a landmark development in the history of light fighter planes, combining unsurpassed efficiency and agility. Test your nerve by suiting up and climbing on board with an expert pilot.

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