8 Amazing Adventures in Jamaica

17 September 2018

Jamaica isn’t all about its glorious white-sand beaches and fabulous resorts – world-class though they are. Thrill-seekers can also find a vast array of exciting and often unique activities that offer a whole new take on the island’s different landscapes, which embrace caves, waterfalls and mountains.


Chukka Caribbean Adventures

These award-winning tours and experiences include extreme zip-lining through the jungle rainforest and a variety of ATV (all-terrain vehicle) adventures, from dune buggy safaris across old sugar fields to Ride ’n’ Swim combos of buggy trips and horse-back riding in the sea.


Paint Ball Jamaica

Set in lush woodlands just a few minutes from Montego Bay, this fun activity is open to both adults and kids, thanks to a new, low-impact Splatmaster version specially designed for children aged 8–13 years.

Rainforest Walks

Whether you go it alone up or sign up for a guided tour, Jamaica is a great place for hiking. Top spots include the Blue Mountain Peak Trail, taking about 2.5 hours, and the Mayfield Falls, which you can do in about 45 minutes but are worth taking more time over so you can cool off in the sparkling pools and waterfalls.



Jamaica has more endemic bird species (around 30) than any other Caribbean island, including red-billed streamertails and Jamaican blackbirds. The best way to see some of them is by booking a local guide, as many of the locations – including famously bird-rich Cockpit Country – are not easily accessible.


Jamaica is increasingly popular destination for this thrilling sport, with the best time between November and May due to the trade winds. The prime spot is the north-eastern shores, with several companies offering gear hire and tuition, although some resort hotels are now offering kite-boarding too.


Deep-sea Fishing

Marlin-fishing is an incredible way to discover the waters off Jamaica - these big fish move through the water at fantastic speed and put up powerful resistance on the line. If you do manage to catch one, you’ll be given the chance to weigh and photograph it before releasing it back into the wild.

Swamp Safaris

Famed as a shooting location for part of the Bond movie Live and Let Die, the Jamaica Swamp Safari Village is home to endangered crocodiles, among other animal species, and as well as taking a tour you can watch its handler Buddy call, feed and handle the creatures.



These self-drive island adventures put you behind the wheel of a MINI Cooper to follow an expert local guide taking you in search of the island’s landmarks and insider highlights. Stops include a local coconut vendor, Negril Lighthouse and the legendary Ricks Café with its cliff-divers. A portion of proceeds goes to local communities.


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