3 easy Christmas crafts to make with children

21 December 2020

Add an extra special touch to Christmas presents and tabletops with homemade decorations, gift tags and wrapping paper.

These three Christmas crafts are really easy to make and should help to occupy the kids!

Make a scented pomander

Make a Christmas pomander

Love the warm and spicy Christmas scent that seems to fill the air during the festive season? Then it’s time to make a pomander! The combination of sweet orange and aromatic clove creates a magical, festive scent. And, pomanders are really easy to make so they’re a fun weekend craft project.

You’ll need: Oranges; cloves; ribbons; pen


  1. Decide on the pattern you’d like to create with the cloves. Simple patterns, such as rows of cloves, look really effective. Or, try covering the entire orange in cloves for a wonderfully scented decoration.
  2. If you’ve chosen an intricate pattern, draw an outline of your pattern on the orange. This makes it much easier to know where to place the cloves.
  3. Push one clove at a time into the orange, following your pattern. (If your children are finding this tricky, use a cocktail stick to create pre-made holes)
  4. If you’d like to hang your pomander, tie a ribbon around the orange and knot the top to create a hanging loop. Otherwise, a handful of pomanders in a bowl in the middle of the table makes a stunning table centerpiece!

Make clay Christmas present tags

Making Christmas clay gift tags

You’ll need: Salt dough or air dry clay or polymer clay; selection of cookie/biscuit cutters; rolling pin; greaseproof paper/non-stick craft mat; pencil; ribbon


  1. Roll out your clay or dough on a piece of greaseproof paper or a non-stick craft mat to a thickness of 0.5cm. (You can roll the dough/clay to any thickness but remember that thinner dough can crack and thicker dough will take longer to bake/air dry) You could also create 3D tags by modelling the clay into snowmen or Christmas trees.
  2. Choose a biscuit cutter and press it onto the dough, cutting out the shape.
  3. Use the end of the pencil to create a hole for the ribbon by pressing it into the top corner of your shape.
  4. Once you’ve created your shapes or 3D gift tags, allow the air dry clay to dry for 24 hours (follow the instructions on the packet) or bake the salt dough/polymer clay according to the instructions on the packet.
  5. Attach a ribbon to each tag.

Make your own Christmas wrapping paper

Making Christmas potato printing wrapping paper

You’ll need: Brown paper; paint; potatoes; a knife; paper towel/tea towel. Optional: biscuit/cookie cutters


  1. Decide the pattern you’d like to create on your wrapping paper. Simple shapes are easiest to cut out of a potato – stars or Christmas trees always look really festive, especially if you use glitter paint!
  2. Cut the potato in half from top to bottom. If you’re using a knife to create the shape, simply score the shape on one of the cut halves and then cut around the shape until it’s in relief. If you’re using biscuit cutters, push the cutter into the potato and cut around the shape.
  3. Use a paper towel or tea towel to blot your potato shape and soak up the excess moisture.
  4. Paint the shape with the colour you’ve chosen (you only need a thin layer of paint) and press the shape onto the brown paper, paint-side down.
  5. Add paint to your shape when you need to, and fill the paper with your pattern.
  6. Allow the paper to dry overnight.

We’d love to see photos of your Christmas crafts! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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