2017 Travel Trends

23 November 2016

Are you daydreaming about adventure, a new culture, delicious cuisine and new cities that you may explore in 2017! The bright white sands of a tropical island, perhaps. The breath-taking view of the rainforest from the treetops. Shopping ‘til we drop on a luxury city break…

There are so many exciting places to discover, aren’t there? And, sometimes, it really does feel as though the world is our oyster!

If, like us, you’re pondering where to travel to in 2017, read on for a few travel ideas. These seven countries are all inspired by the bookings our customers are making for 2017. It’s time to pack your suitcase and get ready to explore somewhere new…


From the volcanic landscape of the Canary Islands to Gaudí’s awe-inspiring architecture in Barcelona, there are so many places to discover in Spain. A fascinating country, it ticks every box on your holiday wish list - from cultural city breaks to beach holidays to hiking trips. Add in delicious tapas, melt-in-the-mouth jamón ibérico and Spanish wine, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t explored Spain before now!


From the bright lights of the Big Apple to glittering Las Vegas to the thrilling rides of Orlando, there’s nowhere quite like the United States of America. Each state is truly a destination in itself – beaches, national parks, and history are entwined within each city and town, and there’s so much to see and do. If you’ve yet to explore the USA, try a multi-stop trip and experience both a city and a beach on the same holiday.


Dreaming of brilliant white sand on a deserted beach? Lush, leafy rainforests perfect for an adventure? Architecture to take your breath away? Head to Thailand! It’s an enchanting country that’s a wonderful blend of friendly locals, mouthwatering food, and endless places to visit.


Famed for its ancient monuments, fashion, beautiful beaches and, of course, food, Italy will delight both history buffs and sun-worshippers. Rome and Venice are two of our most-booked cities for 2017 and there really is nothing quite like gazing at the Sistine Chapel or Venice’s canals. Train travel in Italy is fantastic so it’s easy to explore a few cities on your trip, too.


A mesmerising combination of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and golden beaches, Greece offers old-world charm with a contemporary touch. Step back in time with a visit to the Parthenon in Athens or the Acropolis in Rhodes. Gaze over sparkling blue seas and white-washed buildings in Santorini. And delight foodies with sun-drenched ingredients.


Picture France. Are you climbing the steps of the Eiffel Tower? Waking up in a sumptuous chateau nestled in the countryside? Cruising along the glamorous Côte d'Azur? There’s little to match the romantic pull of France. And from Disneyland Paris to the Moët et Chandon cellars in Epernay to the nightclubs of Saint Tropez, there’s something to please every traveller.


Beautiful seaside towns, historic Lisbon, and the balmy Mediterranean climate make Portugal a delightful destination all year round. Though it’s known for the picturesque beaches of the Algarve and pristine golf courses, Portugal has lots of hidden gems inland, including the medieval town of Evora. Love to ski? Head to Serra de Estrela National Park.

Inspired to explore somewhere new in 2017? Get in touch with your Travel Counsellor to plan your trip!

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