Top 5 destinations for Foodies

26 July 2016

Travel Counsellors know better than most that one of the best things about travelling is the chance to sample the local cuisine. Whether it’s the fresh, aromatic flavours of Vietnamese, a delicious selection of Spanish tapas or the aromatic spices of a Moroccan tagine, there’s something to suit all palates.
With so many destinations and a world of exciting flavours to tempt your taste buds, it’s difficult to decide just where to start. Luckily our travel experts are on hand to provide some culinary inspiration. So join us as we discover some of our favourite foodie destinations.


1. Granada, Spain

There’s no such thing as a free lunch? Travel Counsellors begs to differ! We love finding our customer’s the best bargains and travel tips and this one is no exception. Granada is renowned for its wonderful tapas and it’s one of the few places left in Spain where you can sample it for free. Order a drink at one of Granada’s many bars or bodegas and you’ll be given free tapas for each drink that you buy.

Travel Counsellor Top Pick:
Sample a full range of delicious small plates such as marinated anchovies, delicious Portuguese style salt cod, goats cheese with honey or hummus with toasted sesame seeds.



2. Vietnam
Fancy an adventurous long-haul break? Then why not book your holiday to Vietnam with Travel Counsellors this year? Perennially popular and rightly so, Vietnam is a diverse and beautiful country. Its cuisine is nothing short of incredible thanks to the use of fresh ingredients and colonial influence as found in the delicious Vietnamese ‘Banh Mi’ baguettes.

Travel Counsellor Top Pick:
No trip to Vietnam would be complete without sampling the national dish ‘Pho’. This delicious noodle soup consists of light beef or chicken broth flavoured with fresh ginger, spring onions, flat rice noodles and delicate slivers of chicken, pork or beef. 



3. Cape Town, South Africa
With a world class dining scene and a strong pound, South Africa is an exotic and affordable destination. Not only will you discover some of the world’s tastiest food but you can also sample some of the finest wines on a tour of the expansive winelands which surround the city. You’ll find dishes influenced by the indigenous population, theDutch, French, Indians and Malaysians in a range of vibrant cuisine that’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Travel Counsellor Top Pick:
Biltong is a thinly sliced, air dried meat snack usually made from beef or game such as springbok. It is cured in a mixture of vinegar, salt, sugars and spices and goes great with an ice cold beer. Fancy something sweet? Then check out Malva Pudding, a sweet and sticky baked sponge pudding made with apricot jam and smothered with a hot cream sauce.

4. Morocco
Morocco’s diverse and distinct cuisine embraces meaty tagines, light, fluffy couscous, sweet honey coated pastries and deliciously refreshing mint teas. These complex and intriguing flavours are a winning combination which can be sampled throughout Morocco whether you’re trekking in the Atlas Mountains or enjoying a weekend city break. With a superb range of luxury accommodation to suit all budgets, why not book your foodie break with Travel Counsellors today.

Travel Counsellor Top Pick:
Tagine: Named after the conical clay cooking pot in which it is cooked, tagines are a delicious stew of tender meat and local vegetables, sometimes with the addition of olives or preserved fruit and always served with fresh bread for mopping up all those tasty juices.


5. Japan
One of the healthiest cuisines in the world, Japanese cuisine combines the delicate flavours of raw vegetables with rice, raw fish and the piquant flavours of wasabi, ginger and soy. A country of gastronomical delights, restaurants range from mobile food stands to century’s old ryotei and beautiful terraces overlooking rivers. Japanese cuisine boasts a large variety of dishes and regional specialities including sushi, tempura, tofu, rice, ramen, curry and pickles.

Travel Counsellor Top Pick:
Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan and no trip would be complete without sampling the delicious range of fresh sushi and sashimi right where it all began. Using only the freshest, quality raw fish and incredible skill, sushi chefs create beautifully crafted bite size parcels of fresh fish, shellfish, fried egg, vegetables, seaweed and rice served with dipping soy, pickled ginger and a piquant wasabi sauce.

That wraps up our top five destinations for foodies and if all this talk of food has got your taste buds tingling, then why not give Travel Counsellors a call today to discuss your next tailor made foodie break and discover some fantastic deals to these destinations.

Our dedicated team of travel experts thrive on finding you the best deals to some of the world’s most exciting destinations with a full range of package holidays and bespoke trips to suit your needs and budget.

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